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MensPharm Review – For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Unfortunately millions of men and their partners are living with the problem of erectile dysfunction. An aging population, poor health and other problems are making erectile dysfunction or ED a growing problem and fueling a multi-billion dollar industry of drugs to treat it.

Many men are having a hard time locating popular prescription ED medicines such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Many other men don’t like the embarrassment of having to go to the neighborhood pharmacy to pick up such drugs.

MensPharm is an online pharmacy that lets men shop for and order popular prescription erectile dysfunction treatments such as Viagra at home. More importantly drugs ordered from MensPharm are shipped directly and discreetly to a man’s home so nobody has to know he’s taking them.

MensPharm is Safe and Government Approved

MensPharm is a real pharmacy offering real prescription drugs with prescriptions from real doctors. Unlike some online pharmacies MensPharm has been approved the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this means that MensPharm is regulated and approved the by the government.

Unlike overseas pharmacies MensPharm follows all US laws requiring doctor patient privacy. This means that all transactions, prescriptions, and conversations at MensPharm will be kept confidential. MensPharm is actually required by law to keep information confidential. MensPharm is fully compliant with HIPPA, the Federal law mandating medical privacy.

The drugs offered at MensPharm are real prescription drugs not herbal supplements or quack cures. They have been approved by the FDA and proven to treat ED in scientific testing.

The prescriptions offered at MensPharm are brand name drugs manufactured in the USA by FDA licensed and regulated manufacturers. These are the same drugs you would get from your neighborhood pharmacy.

MensPharm Offers Online Consultations with Real Doctors

The best thing about MensPharm is that it offers online consultations with real doctors and real prescriptions online. This means that a man can get ED prescriptions without having to go to a local doctor who might tell his friends and neighbors about his embarrassing condition.

This gives MensPharm patients expert medical advice at lower costs. The process begins with a physician approved online diagnostic assessment. This is followed by interactive online follow up whenever necessary.

These examinations are done by licensed physicians who also write the prescriptions. The physicians go beyond the regulatory requirements to ensure that each man examined is healthy enough to use the prescriptions and engage in sex.

Some men may have health problems such as heart conditions that will make it unable for them to take ED medications safely. MensPharm’s doctors will be able to tell a man if he can safely take ED prescriptions.

MensPharm and Insurance

Since the products being offered at MensPharm are real prescriptions prescribed by real doctors they could be covered by a man’s health insurance. Every man using MensPharm should check his insurance to see if prescriptions are covered.

Many health plans will cover the cost of erectile dysfunction drugs. Some plans will cover the full cost but most will offer these drugs with a co-payment (co-pay) that is a fraction of the cost of the drugs. Insurance can save a man hundreds of dollars on ED drugs every year.

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