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Slap Happy Cream Review

It does not take a lot of imagination to guess what Slap Happy Cream is for. The name of the product really says it all. It’s a cream made for masturbation. Unfortunately it lives under the stigma of being a sex product. Many people are reluctant to buy creams, oils, gels, and toys. First they are a bit timid and shy about it and second they are afraid of scams. Now the problem about being shy is just something you will have to deal with. Don’t worry, you are hardly the first person to use it or they wouldn’t sell it.

As for it being a scam, that is impossible. This is because it does not claim to be something it is not. It will not make you penis increase in size three inches nor will it make you last for hours in bed nor does it claim to. It simply reduces friction during masturbation. It does that so well, in fact, that many people now use it during foreplay and intercourse. The reduced friction can make sex more pleasurable and decrease or eliminate pain during sex.

Since it is “just” a lubricant you might be wondering why use it instead of another product. The simple answer is that it is better than the other ones for a number of reasons. Some might be important to you while others may not but together they create a great product.

Slap Happy Cream’s Advantages

Perhaps the most important property is its safety. Unlike some products, Slap Happy Cream can be used daily without worry. Part of the reason it is so safe is it contains so many lubricants and so effectively reduces friction. The result of this is, of course, less irritation and the possibility of an allergic reaction. It also will not clog pores like some lubricants. Clogged pores can lead to a host of skin conditions you do not want.

Another great reason for choosing Slap Happy Cream is it last so long so there is no need for a second application. Nothing will kill the mood quite as fast as having to stop in the middle and reapply. It can do that without drying out which leads to a feeling of cracked, rough skin. It can do all that but still cleans up easily. A quick hop in the shower or damp towel and it comes off.

Finally, it feels and smells great. It works like a skin softener when removed and leaves a soft, creamy feeling. The smell is not just pleasing but designed to trigger endorphins that enhance arousal.

Many people are reluctant to try product in bed and with good reason. Many of them make claims and promises that are unreasonable and result in disappointment. This is not a problem with Slap Happy Cream. It does not make wild promises, it is simply a lubricant that was originally used for masturbation but worked so well that couples started using it. It is not a hip new product; instead, it is tried and true. It is safe in ways many other creams are not. It works more effectively than most and cleans up easier. If you a looking for a lubricant the search can stop here.

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