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VigRX Delay Spray Review

VigRX Delay Spray Review
Having a fulfilling sexual life is the prerequisite of any relationship. Innumerable breakups have taken place due to non-fulfillment of sexual expectations. The issue can be from the side of the male as well as the female. However, people are hesitant to talk about their problems openly in this matter and hence many cases remain unsolved.

If you are a male, you would definitely want to last longer so that you can provide the best sexual experience to your partner. You may have great performance between the sheets and satisfy your partner in the best possible manner, but you would always want to do better than that. However, many men complain of erectile dysfunction and this can be a problem for relationships. Such sexual problems might lead to frustrations and depression in men and become difficult to be handled. No man would want erections to come down quickly or have premature ejaculations. Finishing quickly is not that a man wants.

To retain erections for a longer period of time and for delaying orgasms in men, various kinds of products and supplements are available in the market. Sprays are common among them. Different manufacturers manufacture sprays which help in maintaining erections and delays orgasm as well. Among the various products in this category, VigRX Delay Spray needs special mention. Used by many men, this spray shows great results without any kinds of side effects. Hence it has gained popularity with many people. Read on to know about this spray in detail.

About VigRX Delay Spray

VigRX Delay Spray It is quite evident from the name that VigRX Delay Spray helps in delaying orgasms and ejaculations in men. The product is a male desensitizer, which contains mild anesthetic. On spraying this on the penis, the sensitivity of the penis is lowered during the process of intercourse and help men in lasting longer in bed. Basically the sexual stimuli is lowered to a great extent with this spray so that men can continue the process for a longer period of time and enhance the time of sexual pleasure.

Men usually finish early when compared to women. Women take a long time to reach orgasm. For most men, it is quite difficult to delay orgasm or last for so long till their partner reach the climax. Coming to orgasm together is not possible always, but if problems of premature ejaculation take place on regular basis, it affects the esteem and confidence of the male partner drastically. The penis is an extremely sensitive organ and using the spray will just delay the process of ejaculation. If you are a man who cannot last long in bed, VigRX Delay Spray is the savior for you any day. This product has been specifically designed for men with this problem.

With use of VigRX Delay Spray, your partner can have more orgasms regularly. Infact many men have opined that they have been able to enjoy multiple orgasms with the help of this spray. Thus, it is evident that the spray has helped in improving sexual experiences and relationships to a great extent.

Ingredients used in VigRX Delay Spray

The best thing about VigRX Delay Spray is that it is made up of completely natural ingredients. The primary ingredient which is active and important in the product is Benzocaine. This is an anesthetic compound, which helps in closing down the VDSCs on the nerve endings. As a result, the spreading of action potential is lowered to a great extent from the nerve endings. To put in easy and simple terms, it means that the nerves are relaxed and hence it keeps you relaxed as well during the process of intercourse. This is because at the back of your mind, you will not need to worry about lasting long in bed or about premature ejaculations or if you are making your partner happy or not. All these things are handled by the delay spray magnificently well.

In many delay sprays Lidocaine is used as the main ingredient instead of Benzocaine. Using Lidocaine is not a mistake or anything which might cause problem. But it has been seen that sometimes Lidocaine works little too well and the penis can become numb. This is the reason instead of Lidocaie, Benzocaine is used in VigRX Delay Spray. This component is mild but it has the required strength for prolonging performance in bed.

Manufactured in a factory in the USA, VigRX Delay Spray is cGMP-compliant. The process of manufacturing this amazing product is carried out under the scrutiny and supervision of strict cGMP regulations. This is done for ensuring the quality and well-being of the person who will be using the product for enjoying better sexual life.

How does VigRX Delay Spray work?

Now that you know well about the product and the ingredients used in making the same, you must have an idea as how VigRX Delay Spray works.

Lasting long in bed is a problem from which many men suffer but feel hesitant to discuss with their partners or even with the doctor. As a result of not lasting long, their partners cannot reach the climax in the way it is desired. It is in such situations that VigRX Delay Spray can work wonders. Using the spray on the penis not only help men in lasting longer in bed, but it also boosts the self-confidence of men when they see they can please their partner and leave them gasping for more.

The functioning of VigRX Delay Spray can be attributed to the main ingredient which is used in making the product – Benzocaine. When VigRX Delay Spray is sprayed on the penis, the penis does not remain as sensitive as it should be. This is because Benzocaine is kind of a mild anesthetic. This ingredient has been used since long time in so called ‘endurance-condoms’, as it helped men in lasting longer during sexual intercourse.

Benzocaine helps in inhibiting voltage dependent sodium channels (VDSCs) on the various nerve membranes in the penile tissues. As a result, the propagation of action potential is stopped. When explained in simple terms, it means that with the help of benzocaine, the nerves in the penis can relax. Used very smartly in VigRX Delay Spray, the product has shown to have great results for men who had problems with maintaining erections and suffered from the problem of premature ejaculations.

Benefits of VigRX Delay Spray

VigRx Delay Spray Benefits

There are many benefits which come with the use of VigRX Delay Spray. However, one has to know the right ways of using the product so that best results can be seen. Spray VigRX Delay Spray on the penis. Wait for about 10 minutes so that the spray is absorbed completely. The product is dose dependent and you have to adjust tat accordingly. Majority of women like intercourse for about 23 minutes. See how long you can reach with one spray. If not keep on spraying and see how long it goes. Mentioned below are the benefits of using this spray:

  • Helps in delaying orgasms in men
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • Both the partners can reach the climax simultaneously – no one finishing before the other
  • The spray gets absorbed quickly
  • The action of the spray starts in just 10 minutes – it is fast acting
  • The ingredient used in the spray – benzocaine is absolutely safe and mild anesthetic
  • The spray stands effective even when used with condom or during oral sex
  • The product is manufactured by a reliable and trusted manufacturer
  • The spray does not have any harmful side effects

Price and Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy of VigRX Delay Spray

Satisfaction is guaranteed for VigRX Delay Spray. If you are trying VigRX Delay Spray for the first time, it is recommended that you use the 1-month supply starter package of the product. This comes at a price of $49.95. People who are happy and satisfied with the results of the spray, often order the product as 3-month supply package or 6-month supply package.

The 3-month supply package comes at a price of $149.85. But discounts are provided and is available for $129.95, saving almost $19.90.

The 6-month supply offers the best value and comes at a price of $299.70. With discounts, the price comes down to $219.95. You can save $79.75 on this purchase.

Another factor which proves the confidence of manufacturers of VigRX Delay Spray is that it comes with 100% money back guarantee within 67 days of purchase. No questions will be asked and you will get complete refund on the product within 67 days from the date of purchasing.

Such attractive deals and discounts and refund policy is evidence of the fact that the product is truly effective and shows positive results. Confidence of the manufacturer is reflected from such business gestures.

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Side Effects of VigRX Delay Spray

It has been mentioned again and again that the ingredients used in the making of VigRX Delay Spray are completely safe. Benzocaine is the main ingredient used in the making of the spray. It is a mild anesthetic with no side effects. No other ingredients are mentioned specifically in the official website of the product. However, it has been asserted very strongly that VigRX Delay Spray causes no side effects whatsoever and has no harmful effects on users. It is also manufactured under strict scrutiny. No one ever has complained of any kinds of harmful side effects on using VigRX Delay Spray for delaying orgasms.

Customer Reviews of VigRX Delay Spray

There is no doubt about the fact that VigRX Delay Spray will transform your sex life as the sexual experience is enhanced with delayed orgasms. Here are some real men who used the product and their genuine reviews on VigRX Delay Spray:

  • I am a man of 30 years of age. I have been into many relationships, but none of them stayed for long. When I understood the reason for the same, I felt so bad. I climaxed early and my partner could not reach to the levels before me, which is quite obvious. As a result, they were not satisfied. Then I found out about VigRX Delay Spray and I tried it. Trust me it worked wonders for me. I could hold back and delay my orgasms till my partner reached hers. She was happy and it showed on her face and in her expressions. I was immensely happy as well. Thank you VigRX Delay Spray for this experience. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solution for such issues. 
  • We have been married for about 5 years now. Initially our sexual life was quite happy and happening. However, with time, things started changing. I felt he was always in a hurry to finish things off. But I realized that it was not the case; rather it was a sexual problem, which he would not discuss with me due to embarrassment. He could not hold for long and had premature ejaculations. It made him feel guilty and he became kind of depressed. Someone recommended using VigRX Delay Spray. Initially we didn’t pay much heed, but later thought of trying. I would like to say that this product actually works. My husband sprayed it on the penis 10 minutes before we had sex and he could go on and on. We experienced orgasms together, which is definitely an experience. On many occasions, we experienced multiple orgasms. My husband is happy and so am I.
  • VigRX Delay Spray is one of the safest sprays for lasting longer in bed and for delaying orgasms. Made from benzocaine, the product is safe and free from side effects. Most importantly, it made my girlfriend super happy as I could lead her to orgasm so smoothly without interruptions.

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Conclusion – The Final Verdict

VigRX Delay Spray has gained quite a good deal of popularity with men for delaying orgasms and for staying longer in bed. If you want to purchase the product, reach the official website of VigRX Delay Spray and place online order there. You can choose from the various packages available. Boost your sex life with this spray.

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