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Chopper Tattoo Review – An Alternative To Custom Design

Nobody ever said that getting a tattoo is fun. In fact most of the time it is a process to be dreaded. There is really nothing you can do about the feeling of being poked by hundreds of needles but that is only part of the pain. There is also the pain in trying to find just the right tattoo. You want to find one that says “You.” If that was not hard enough you don’t want one that looks like the one everyone else has either. You want it to be unique.

You might think that having one designed for you would be the perfect way to go, and it could be. But there are some things you should know about that. First, you are going to have to shop for the perfect artist for the style you want. Then you are going to have to help them get it to look like the tattoo of your dreams. All of this can cost you 100’s of dollars before the first prick of skin so this is not the cheapest way to go.

Instead of going through all that expense you can now turn to the Internet. There you will find the leading tattoo resource at Chopper Tattoo, where you will find the perfect way of avoiding overpaying for your tattoo.

Why is Chopper Tattoo so good?

Chopper Tattoo was not the first set of people that decided to use the Internet to showcase tattoo designs. So what makes them so good? We wondered that very same thing. So we decided to check it out for ourselves.

The top features

  • Many 1000’s of designs in every category that you can think of
  • they are sizable so that they can fit any body size
  • Printing option to make it easy for your artist to get the image

These features combined make up a very easy to use and comprehensive service.


By far the greatest strength of Chopper Tattoo is the huge variety of images available. It doesn’t matter whether you want dragons or doves, tanks or turtles. They can be found here and set at the perfect size for you. They have so many that even though it is not custom made it will look like it. Also, there is no limit to the number of images you can download.

When all these factors come together you have the best place on the internet to find your tattoo.

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