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Hydrolize Eye Cream Review – Does Hydrolyze Work?

The eyes are a point of focus and play part in determining the overall look of a person. Sometimes, people may experience wrinkles around the eye and dark circles on the lower lid which may totally damage one’s self confidence. Fortunately, the Hydrolyze Eye Cream has been designed to get rid of these unsightly features. Using it can guarantee a sixty eight per cent dark circle and wrinkle reduction after about two months. Initially, the cream was only available from some cosmetic surgeons but with time it was made available online.

The hydrolyze website does not offer much information regarding how the cream works; instead it chooses to talk more about the active and mysterious ingredients. It claims that these ingredients cannot be compared when it comes to wrinkle reduction but this cannot be proven or supported scientifically. On the website are two before and after photos but the eyes of the model on the central banner which claims that dark circles cannot be fixed by surgery seem puff. There are also some dark circles and wrinkles which can be seen underneath the concealer. This is quite a disappointment and may actually put off many potential buyers because it fails to show the success of the Hydrolize Eye Cream. On the other hand the customer service representative pictured on the banner seems to also be suffering from the same condition.

What People Say About Hydrolize Eye Cream

On a separate page, the web site features testimonials from satisfied customers who are full of praise. The Hydrolize Eye Cream has also been endorsed with a cosmetic surgeon from New Jersey. Any information regarding the product has been posted on the home page while other company trademarked products are featured on the “about us” page. The list includes an anti-aging formula for pets and slimming products. The company which is based in New York has other places of contact such as UK and prides in a number of international contact numbers. One advantage of the Hydrolize Eye Cream is that it is highly available; it can be purchased online and also ordered by phone or mail.

There are two major ingredients in this product Matrixyl 3000 and Haloxyl which may pass out as enzyme derivatives. Matrixyl 3000 is meant to stimulate the production of collagen for wrinkle reduction and to ensure skin firmness while Haloxyl reduces leaked blood beneath the skin even though no explanation is given on how the processes take place. The ingredients are not listed to make it easier for vegetarians or allergic people to identify if they are any products that they are supposed to keep away from.

Advantages of Hydrolize Eye Cream

There are a number of advantages associated with the Hydrolze Eye Cream including promising testimonials, a sixty eight per cent guarantee of reducing dark circles and wrinkles after two months and proper contact information. On the other hand the disadvantages include being expensive with one bottle costing about fifty dollars ,vague money back guarantee and confusing changes on the product name. Also, there is no proper explanation about how the active ingredients work nor is there a list of the comprehensive ingredients.

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