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InStyler Hair Tool Review

Pretty much the entire world has probably heard of the InStyler by now. It is a totally new styling and straightening tool unlike any hair styling product ever invented-or at least that is the hype. Does it really live up to its claims? How does it really work?

If you are smart you would ask yourself this question before purchasing any equipment used to use your hair. One main concern is to make sure you do not damage your hair, which often is the case when using strengtheners.

How it Works

For bangs, use the InStyler Rotating Iron at the root, with the cylinder placed on the underside of the bangs. You can also use other moves as instructed in the manuals to help you straighten or curl your hair.

Additional instructions will help you learn how to create the sweeping fringe look that is now growing in popularity on the red carpet. All you do is follow the simple techniques you are given when you get your order of the InStyler and you soon will have celebrity-like hair.


This is a very versatile hair styling tool. Because the InStyler uses a rotating round hot iron and brush instead of a flat one it does not hair smash or bake your hair. Furthermore, at least according to the advertisements no gels are mousses are required to keep your hair flat.

Furthermore, you probably have heard of both curling irons and heating brushes right? Well this is a cross between both. Thus, you reap the benefits of both. Yet, you are only using one piece of equipment not two.

The InStyler tool is capable of styling your hair in dozens of different ways that no flat iron or curling iron ever could. It is the tool of choice for many people who are looking to prevent their head of hair from looking like a mass of dried-out strands.

With this tool you are more than likely more able to have healthy, vibrant hair. Yet it also is styled the way you want it. This product is not only for women, by the way. Many men have used it, too.


The InStyler is a new product, so unfortunately we are not able to give readers a fair estimation as to exactly how well it would really work. However, it is a styling tool that is rapidly gaining in popularity, and many pleased people still use.


Chances are you are going to either “really love” the InStyler tool or you are going to hate it. It depends on the perspective and what you want to achieve.

Some people would prefer the Sedu Revolution, Solia, Fhi Platform, Ghd, or the Maxiglide. However, many other people live and swear by the performance of the InStyler.

If you are not convince yet that it would work for you, you should first do more research. If you can take advantage of some type of free trial before committing to the purchase of it that would be best.

You are advised to visit the official product order site or company site to learn how the InStyler is in some ways quite different than any other iron or heated brush. This will help you learn more about it and also refer to the positive and negative consumer feedback you would find.

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