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DR. Seuss – Beginner Readers Club

DR. SeussDo you remember what it is like to read those great stories by your favorite authors as a kid? You know, Dr. Seuss books, and other classics, like the Berenstein Bears, Arthur, Thomas the Tank Engine, and even Elmo, and many more? Well, now you can bring the same experience to your kids by signing them up for the Dr. Seuss Beginner Readers club. You get a collection of great children’s books that are all timeless and memorable, all in one place for one price that you cannot beat. You can not only provide your kids with worthwhile, high quality reading material with this Readers club, but you can also use the literature to pass messages on for your children, and help strengthen the bond you have with them by making night-time story reading fun and exciting again!

Give your children a gift that continues to give with the Dr. Seuss Beginner Readers Club. These books are all timeless classics that your child will love, and most of them are titles that you probably loved as a kid! Reading encourages healthy development in children in the areas of reading, speech, comprehension, and general overall brain development. Also, getting your children into the habit of reading early on will benefit them in later years, because the habit will stick and they will learn a lot from reading… something that they will thank you for when they are getting good grades in school!

Other benefits that reading can have for children include development of the bond between a child and their parent, the growth of vocabulary and writing skills, it contributes to healthy social and emotional development, it elongates the attention span and focus of your child, helps their concentration level… and last but not least, helps to trigger their critical thinking and imagination! Joining the Dr. Seuss Beginner Readers Club is easy too! All you have to do is follow three simple steps… these are,

  • Enter your billing information
  • Choose the bonus books that will save you about 50%
  • And provide payment information!

Why spend hours at the bookstore trying to find suitable books for your little one when you can get them delivered in the mail to you? That is a good question, and the answer is the Dr. Seuss Beginner Readers club! You won’t regret signing up, and your kids will thank you!

Dr. Seuss - Beginner Readers Club

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