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A homewarranty101 is a renewable service contract. Homewarranty101 covers the repairs of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of system components. That also includes replacements if needed. They offer protection from major appliance breakdown & repairs.

What Is The Offer Of Homewarranty101

Homewarranty101 offers a new product that easily and completely protect the buildings installation as well as damage that may result from installation breakdowns. It allows you to ensure your household installations from any kind of damage. Additional advantage is that you can ensure it from almost any kind of damage.

What is insured by this policy?

This Homewarranty101 policy ensures:

• house heating installations (water installations, gas installations etc).
• house plumbing installations and
• house electric installations

This Homewarranty101 policy does not ensure:

• construction of the building, colors, trim and floors
• movable property (furniture, equipment) of your home used for home decoration or for personal consumption, which are owned by you or your family
• walls, trim and floors of your apartment / house (heat insulation, wallpaper, paneling, tiles, flooring, carpeting, etc.)…
• doors and windows of the house or the flat
• liability for damage to third parties and their properties.

This policy may be provided for residents as well as unoccupied houses (with payment of additional premium). Also, you can further secure the common areas in residential buildings (with payment of additional premium).

What risks Homewarranty101 cover?

This Homewarranty101 policy provides coverage against hazards such as: fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, leakage from water and sewage pipes, arrogance and the evil intentions of third parties, any kind of fracture of the installation and responsibilities from using the flat on third parties and their properties.

What is the limit of cover (sum insured)?

The sum insured represents the upper limit of our liability in case of damage. Because this policy covers the complex risk, which includes all the previously mentioned risks, limit coverage for individual risks will be determined as a percentage of basic sum insured. The insurance premium is calculated by squaring the apartment and is in USD per square meter.

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