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Magic Jack Premium Review

MagicJack is a very useful gadget that appears recently on the US market. Almost instantly, it gains a lot of supporters. Every customer claims that magicJack is worth for every spent dollar. And you should not spend many of that.

Telephone Problems

There is no person in the modern world that never had a problem with its stabile phone. Problems are much bigger when you use a cell phone. Everybody had experiences with bad reception on their cell phones. Other usual problem is a dropping call. If you combine those problems with the costs, the picture does not look to good. Many times you did not get enough quality for money, but you cannot make complain to anybody.


MagicJack may be the right solution for all your problems with phones. MagicJack is USB device that allow you to make your calls with the use of Internet. Its usage is very simple. Installation is also very simple. MagicJack rates are great. They offer:

• free local and long distance calls
• free assistance
• free phone number
• free voice mail
• and free call waiting.

For all those things, you will only have to pay a small annual fee.


MagicJack has a very simple installation procedure. You should have a computer with an Internet connection. Like any other USB device, you should just plug MagicJack in the computer and put the CD with drivers in the CD-ROM device. MagicJack will do everything else by itself. You should just be patient and wait for a couple of minutes.


After installation, you should just plug any household phone into MagicJack and it is ready to use. For dialing, you can either use your phone or the installing software. Just dial your number and you can start your conversations.


MagicJack prices are great. Every call to US and Canada phones (stabile or cell phones) is free of charge. Only thing that you have to pay is the annual fee. Those fees are 19.99 US dollars for one year or 69.99 US dollars for five year period. Also the calls between two MagicJacks are always free, no matter what country they are in.

Their prices are even better for the people that are living outside of the United States and Canada. If they have the needs to call their friends or relatives or business partners in United States or Canada they can do that easily with MagicJack. The price of one such a call made from stabile or cell phone would cost at least three times more then complete annual fee for MagicJack. And they can also call people with MagicJack in any other part of the world free of charge.

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