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Real Writing Jobs Review

The Internet has opened up the self employment world for those who prefer to work at home and on their own schedule. There are endless home based opportunities waiting for the right person to come along. Writing is a career that has exploded with opportunity as it requires the desire to write and not much more. Anyone with a computer and Internet connection, and the ability to put a few words together, can find many web based writing jobs.

Finding the Work

Real Writing Jobs is one of many places on the web an aspiring or veteran writer can find work. Interested wordsmiths can find part time or full time work, have the ability to work at home and set your own hours, work directly online and pick the topics that interest you. New jobs are added every day keeping the writing gigs fresh.

Starting is simple. Just fill in the form with your name and email address and you are one step away from accessing the wonderful world of freelance writing. For a subscription fee, you will have access to thousands of good paying, writing jobs. Start with a 10 day trial for $2.95 and take a look at what the freelance world has to offer. If you like what you see, stay on board for a monthly fee of $47 and continue to work on the writing projects that interest you.

Calculate Your Potential earnings

If you have doubts that work at home freelance writing is profitable, give the earning calculator a whirl. Just enter the requested information, including how many articles you can produce a day, how many blogs you can write a day, how many days a week you wish to work and the average payment per piece of produced work. Hit the “calculate now” button and you just might be amazed at how quickly all the work will add up.

The Bonus Pack

Just for signing up, you will be entitled to free writing tools. An automatic article writer and an automatic idea generator will help you generate articles quicker and fill in the writer’s block with worthwhile ideas. Imagine being able to generate your first novel by inputting a few simple ideas and character names. With the Automatic novel writer included in your bonus pack, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Are your typing skills a little rusty? Shake of the rust and type like a pro with Max Type Lite Typing Trainer, also included in your bonus pack. No bonus pack would be complete without the exclusive Nick Daws interview where Nick will let you in on how to write any book in 28 days or less. To round out the bonus pack, The Writers Best Friend is included and will become your very best friend. This program will do all the research for you. Type in a word and this electronic genius will find all the necessary references and provide synonyms and more.

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