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Lonely Cheating Wives Review

The Lonely Cheating Wives website has stirred up quite a controversy. It does help bring excitement into someone’s sex life if they think about having “hot sex” with a “cheating” spouse.

However, is it ethical to even pretend about a matter like this? Differing of opinions are presented about this as questions are answered about whether this is really a pretend concept or a real one.

This can help you decipher whether or not this is a legitimate and more means of sexual enhancement. Can this really improve the passion between couples who have been together for years and years?


If you pretend that you are involved with a cheating wife it can possibly help strip you of any inhibitions and fears. It can provide as an aid to help you let your guard down with your longtime partner or spouse.

It can get you thinking “what if?” Meaning what if you did not have to be afraid of what your significant other may think of you if you want to fulfill some of your wildest fantasies with him or her.

It is seen as some people as a tool to help them open up sexually among one another. It is also seen as a way to open up new doors of sexual play according to the ideas collaborated by the couple.


Since we are talking about the subject of “cheating” it can seem very immoral. The act of cheating in and of it self is considered by most people’s standards very wrong.

Of course, to some perspectives the “Lonely Cheating Wives” is considered just a “pretend” cheating. However, it still promotes adultery-an activity that is severely punished in some parts of the world.

Adultery and cheating is also considered very much a sin according to those who believe in the Bible. Many scripture references here say cheating is wrong. The word “infidelity” is another way to describe this act.

The other problem with this concept is that when people see the ad “Lonely Cheating Wives” one of two things crosses their mind. They may feel excitement and think that maybe they would try this service.

Either that or they might turn away in total discuss. The ones that would turn away in total discuss probably would get the idea that this involves actually wives who really do cheat on their husbands.


You would have to make up your own mind about how seriously you would take this concept. The fear is that you could possibly become tempted to actually “for real” cheat on your partner.

However, perhaps if you think of it as fantasy role playing and not more than that perhaps for some people that is how the concept is justified. As long as you really do not cheat on your partner perhaps it really is okay to use this type of role playing.

The problem really starts if you actually do cheat on your mate. After that all kinds of issues related to trust ensue.

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