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Save The Marriage E-Book Review

Here’s a dirty little secret that most marriage counselors don’t want you to hear. Most marriage counseling doesn’t work, it doesn’t save marriages and it doesn’t prevent divorces.

Most couples who go to a marriage counselor end up in divorce despite months or years of “help” from the counselor. Statistics indicate that only 20% of couples who go to the best marriage counselors save their marriages. Statistics for the majority of marriage counselors are even worse.

It’s not just marriage counseling that doesn’t work. Almost all of the advice in those save the marriage books and tapes doesn’t work either because it employs the same techniques and methods as marriage counseling.

The same goes for all those save the marriage seminars you see advertised. Each year couples spend thousands of hours in counseling and seminars to save their marriages and spend untold millions of dollars on marriage counseling and it doesn’t work.

Upon hearing this news many people will ask themselves: if marriage counseling doesn’t work, what does? Save the Marriage works. Save the Marriage is a proven system of marriage counseling developed by veteran family therapist and marriage counselor Lee Baucom PHD.

Lee Baucom’s Secrets

Lee Baucom was a marriage counselor who got sick and tired of seeing marriages falling apart despite counseling. So he threw away the book on counseling and wrote a new one that actually works.

These secrets are radically different than those recommended by most marriage counselors and those found in most marriage books. Indeed the approach is so different that it’s made Lee one of America’s foremost marriage experts. His writing has appeared in Men’s Health and he’s been a consultant to Dateline NBC.

Lee has become one of America’s top marriage counseling because his methods actually work. They actually save marriages because couples who employ them stop fighting and start getting along again.

Lee now shares his secrets through an E-book called Save the Marriage. In this groundbreaking book, he actually documents and outlines effect methods for saving a troubled marriage. Couples have paid Lee thousands of dollars for these secrets in the past now he’s sharing them in this E-book.

Your Marriage Doesn’t Have to Be Doomed

The good news is that no marriage is doomed and divorce is not inevitable. Most marriages can be saved if the couple just knew how, unfortunately most of them don’t and the neither do the marriage experts.

Lee Baucom has had an astonishing 89.7% success rate in his efforts to save marriages. Compare that to the dismal results most marriage counselors get. This means that Baucom’s methods can actually save marriages.

Saving a marriage isn’t easy but it can be done in most cases if Lee’s common sense down to earth approach is followed. Any couple considering divorce owes it to each other and their children to read Save the Marriage before contemplating divorce because most marriages can be saved.

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