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The Woman Men Adore And Never Want to Leave E-book Review

Why do some women have little or no trouble attracting and keeping men while other ladies seem to drive them away? Millions of women would like answers to those questions.

Now those answers are available in the e-book “The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave” by “relationship doctor” Bob Grant. Grant has spent 16 years observing, researching and examining relationships as a counselor and relationship coach.
Most of his clients are women who have had a hard time finding or keeping a man.

Women Don’t Understand Men

Most women think they aren’t attracting men or developing relationships because they are unattractive. These women spend a fortune on makeup, hair styling, clothes, exercise, plastic surgery and other efforts to become sexy and attract men. Yet after all that time and effort they still end up going home alone.

Grant explains that the real problem is that it is usually a woman’s behavior not her appearance that attracts men. He notes that many homely or even ugly women can attract great men because of their personality and their behavior.

To make matters worse women get all sorts of bad advice from their girlfriends, their mothers, “women’s magazines,” daytime television and other sources. This “advice” often consists of instructions to act in exactly the manner designed to drive a man away.

Sex is Not Necessarily the Answer

Beyond appearance the other great myth that women buy into about relationships is sex. Women’s magazines and television have convinced women that they need to become experts at kinky sex to attract men.

Grant notes that much of the behavior that attracts a man has little or nothing to do with sex. Indeed vast numbers of men stay with women despite lousy lives because they like being with that particular woman.

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave shows a woman how to be that woman. Best of all she can do it without becoming a bedroom athlete or oversexed monster.

You Don’t Need to Be the Happy Housewife

Another myth that Grant destroys is the idea that a woman needs to become the perfect cook and housewife to get and keep a man. Many women make themselves miserable with cooking lessons, housework and other efforts to become a domestic goddess thinking that will get a man.

Even though most men can care less about housework and will put up with a lousy cook if they enjoy her company. Indeed domestic goddess’s will actually scare lots of men away. Instead of wasting your time in the kitchen or breaking your back behind a vacuum cleaner Bob Grant can show you what you need to be doing to actually get a man.

Getting a man and keeping him is much easier than most women think. Yet many women can’t get a man because they simply don’t know how.

The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave” shows a woman how. It is a short and easy to read e-book that will cost a lot less than cooking lessons or a makeover.

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