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Equifax Credit Review Services Are Impressive

It is important for anyone to get a credit score reviewed. A credit score can impact the loan payments and interest rates that a person has. A weak score could even cause a person to keep from getting some financial services. The biggest problem is that sometimes poor credit scores can come due to cases of fraud.

This is where Equifax can help. The popular credit reporting group is offering trials to its standard monitoring service along with free score readings. This monitoring service is the Equifax 3-in-1 Monitoring service. It is used to help with getting anyone to keep from becoming a victim of fraud with credit.

The credit review service is very useful. It provides a user with a full credit score report. This report will come for free when signing up with Equifax. The report covers all of the details on one’s current credit situation.

The review service works with all three major credit bureaus. This is where the 3-in-1 part of the name comes from. All three credit reports that a person has are monitored each day in order to find critical changes to them.

Any cases where fraud might be detected can be reported and sent to the user. This is where a user can authorize new credit in one’s name before anything can start. This is used to keep fraud from occurring. These alerts can be sent by phone as well. These alerts will be full customized.

A convenient point about the Equifax 3-in-1 Monitoring service is that it is open at all times of the day. The customer service by phone is very receptive and easy to get to.

This service is surprisingly affordable. Equifax offers the first month of the service for free. This thirty day period will include a free credit score report.

All subsequent months with the service will cost $19.95 per month. This is the set value for each month of the service. The service can be cancelled at anytime. Also, a person who gets the free month will need to cancel before that free month is over if that person does not want to be billed anything.

This monitoring service from Equifax is very impressive and unique. It is a service that can help to get anyone to keep from dealing with problems resulting from credit fraud. It can also work to get anyone to review what is going on with one’s credit report.

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