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A credit score is the financial life blood of the consumers of the world. A good credit score will predict the kind of loans and terms the consumer will qualify for as well as outlines their bill paying skills. Without a good credit score, finances will become a struggle. It is of the utmost importance to keep a check on your credit score and watch for any inaccuracies that will cause trouble down the road.

Credit Reports

The credit bureaus keep track of the credit history for each and every person. It is up to each individual to make sure the information on the credit report is accurate. When information is reported to the credit bureau, they do not verify the information is accurate. They just assume it to be accurate and true.

The credit bureau takes the information as accurate and adds it to that person’s history. Those that have an occasion to view credit history for the evaluation of a loan or mortgage or even employment, will take as gospel the information contained in the report. If it is negative information, that person may be denied a loan or mortgage and even employment. There is a law on the books that states each person is entitled to a credit report each year at no cost.

Checking Your Credit Report

By visiting go free credit dot com, anyone can get instant access to the 3 major scores. Completing the membership application will offer access to TransUnion, Experian and Equifax for the purpose of monitoring their credit score. This access allows consumers to find out if there are any open accounts, loans or credit cards they are not aware of that make you the victim of identity theft as well as who is viewing their credit report. Knowing your credit score will be beneficial to achieve financial goals. In the event of a bad credit score, you will see the areas that need to be fixed in order to improve your score.

Activate Your Account

By activating an account at and completing a trial membership for a monthly fee, you will not only have the opportunity to view your credit report but also have the opportunity to take advantage of credit card monitoring. Guarding yourself against identity theft is crucial, especially in a world where there are as many ways to steal a person’s identities as there are identities.

Constant monitoring of personal information is the only way to keep all information safe and protected. Credit monitoring is an invaluable tool to keep identity out of the hands that will use your name for evil and not good. A small investment in a credit card monitoring system may save you thousands and thousands of dollars in the end, not to mention piece of mind that comes from knowing someone is watching out for you.

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