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LifeLock Review

The convenience of working online comes with a price. That price is compromising your identity to the Internet thieves out and about looking to put one over an unsuspecting online surfer. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous souls who prey on those that do not make the effort to protect them from being a cyber victim. Without knowing it, Internet users put themselves at risk each and every time they log on and cruise the information highway.

Cyber Protection

LifeLock provides Internet protection to its customers by continuously monitoring your identity, scanning for identity threats, responding to identity theft, tracking your credit score. LifeLock is on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a week. Crime does not take a holiday and neither does LifeLock.

How LifeLock Works

LifeLock monitors each customer’s identification and personal information. They also keep track of address changes and new credit and non credit applications and searches known criminal websites for illegal selling of your personal information. LifeLock will contact the major credit bureaus on the customer’s behalf and remove names from mailing lists of preapproved credit offers.

Life Lock reviews each identity lift attempt and assigns it an exposure level. If the transaction is deemed to be high risk, LifeLock will contact the customer. LifeLock will also monitor your monthly credit score by TransUnion and keep you up to date with any changes. Any customer that becomes a victim of identity theft will receive up to one million dollars to hire lawyers, investigators and other exports to help in recovery.

How Identities are stolen

There are a variety of ways an identity can be stolen. File sharing, such as peer to peer sites make computers vulnerable for theft. Overlays on ATM’s and hand held skimmers steal thousands of identities per day. Camera’s and recorders used in the vicinity of public computers or anywhere someone may use a computer in public can become an identity theft victim. Dumpster diving, stealing wallets and changing an address on an unsuspecting victim are other ways to steal someone’s identity. Sending a text and impersonating a reputable contact for the purpose of gaining information is yet another way to gain access to someone’s personal information.

Protection for Everybody

Life Lock offers protection for individuals as well as businesses. Internet identity theft knows no boundary’ when it comes to stealing someone’s identity. Individuals are just as vulnerable as businesses when it comes to being the victim of cyber crime. It is important to protect your family from cyber crime as you would to keep a thief out of your house. LifeLock offers piece of mind to one and all knowing their online presence is safe and protected. A business with LifeLock will benefit the integrity of the company and protect the data base of customers as well as the company’s finances, especially if financial transactions are performed electronically.

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