You are here: Home » Finance » Review – Fast One Hour Loans :: Pay Day Advance Loans Review – Fast One Hour Loans :: Pay Day Advance Loans is advertised as a place that you can go if you need cash now. This program seems to be offering quite the claim and promise of money for all kinds of reasons.

Watch out though. For one there is not much information at all about this program within Google search engines.

However, they supposedly say that you have “come to the right place” to get money. also claims to be the online leader in the payday loan and cash business.

These claims are self-proclaimed. In any case, it could have some advantages in the event it is actually a legitimate place to seek a payday loan online.

The Key Advantage (Important Point)

One main advantage is that it is advertised as a free search tool. Therefore, no cost is required at least not to include your name and e-mail. The application process is also supposed to be fast-within an hour.

One Warning

They ask you for quite a bit of vital information. It is imperative that you find out more about Net Loan before you enter said personal information such as the following: SSN, driver’s license number, birth date, address, and name.

This could be a walk right down Identity Theft Lane if you have no idea who this vendor really is. And do not necessarily be fooled by all the site seals (VeriSign, etc) that are listed.

These seals when you attempt to verify could be real. However, it can also be very easy to make fake ones. The other warning is of course the fact that not much reference is made to in major search engines such as Google.

The Principle

In theory, everything sounds good. However, after I tried to research more about I was disappointed to see very little information about it.

Yet, they claim they have it all-that they provide our customers with free access to our multiple lender search sites, They may but if you do not know them you have no idea if they would even steal your identity.

In any case, they claim that they hold a database of over 150 creditable and trusted lenders nationwide. However, what trusted lender would sign up for something like this for which there is not much information?

If it did actually work and it was legitimate, would be run by a unique automated system. This is supposed to help you search more banks, financial companies and cash loan lenders.

However, how is any of that possible? It may be as there are many online quick loan search tools you can use.


However, since there are so many it is not necessary to stick with one for which hardly any info is available. One way to find out if this is a legit service is to ask your bank if they have heard of it.

That would be one sure way to find out. If they do not know you should have cause for concern. If they do know and have info you can thank your bank in case of a possible scam

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