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Privacy Matters 123 Credit Monitoring Review

These Days everyone is looking for a way to protect themselves and their family. One solution used today is the Privacy Matters 1-2-3 solution.

Of course, you may be concerned, wondering if it is a legitimate service. With all the scams circulating on the internet you have a right to wonder.


This is said to be a great service for people who are very serious about monitoring their credit reports on a regular basis. The main reason why is that Privacy Matters 1-2-3-actually watches activities of all three credit bureaus.

You will be sent an email alert right away if anything changes on your reports. This applies to new activity such as credit applications and inquiries. This is how errors are more easily detected.

Another advantage of using the Privacy Matters 1-2-3 system is its built-in identity theft protection. This information you would used to help safeguard you from unauthorized activity is based on generate a personalized identity theft report.

This report is available on your credit report. It sets up alerts for you so you know if any of the information on your report changes without your authorization. Privacy Matters also provides identity restoration assistance.

Hopefully you will ever become the victim of identity theft. However, this system seems to be one that is more effective than others in helping a person have negative items removed from their files. The entire process is said to provide quicker results and/or results in a more orderly manner and you are not likely to have to wait so long for the results.

An additional benefit is the Family Safety Report that Privacy Matters 1-2-3 provides. This is a system that circulates names and photos of registered sex offenders who live in your geographical location. Intelius, a company that specializes in risk management solutions (i.e. background checks), is one provider of this service.

One more very important advantage of Privacy Matters is their customer service that is available 24/7 via telephone. You even have the option to contact them via email or snail mail if you prefer.


Although Privacy Matters provides a wide variety of identity theft protection tools, this company does not appear to provide identity theft insurance. Also, since this I.D. theft and privacy services focuses most of its attention on protecting individual consumers, it does not offer business solutions.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as perhaps they have chosen not to spread them selves thin. However, it can be somewhat disappointing to people who were hoping for protection services that would prevent them from business or corporate I.D. theft.

Order Info

Privacy Matters 1-2-3 gives you a little bit of time to decide if this solution would work for you. They typically offer a 7 day free trial ($1.00 debited to ensure it is your account).

After the trial is over, you can choose to continue to be protected by the premier credit monitoring service for only $29. Either that or you have the option to call a toll-free number to cancel before the trial period ends.

Fortunately, there has not been much word of consumers having a difficult time terminating their accounts. That is, unless they forget and they could be charged after the trial.

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  1. If you do an internet search on Privacy Matters 123 Scam or Fraud, you will get a better picture of the company. They get clients by deception (not sure if there also might be some legal issues also); via partners such and People finders. I was tricked into signing up with them and never received any services or credit reports from them. They do not explicitly let the consumer know what and how they are being charged. You can however recover your money by employing some lost cost legal aide.

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