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Tower 200 Review – A Workout For Men

Some workouts are made to be used by both genders. Others have a specific gender they are marketed to. As well as Flirty Girl might work, very few men have any desire to do flirtatious dances around a brass pole. No worries. For men, there is Tower 200, a testosterone driven resistance workout. If it only takes a you about 30 seconds of watch UFC to get all pumped up and ready to go then this your program.

The program was designed by former UFC light heavyweight champion Randy Couture and is the same type of resistance training used by boxers, UFC fighters, and martial artist. Using the resistance bands a user can get up to 200 lbs of resistance.

What is included in Tower 200

This set has every thing you will need to get started with the training. It contains 6 color coded resistance band to help you quickly switch between them. The two red bands are 45 lbs, the blacks are 35 lbs, while the gray bands are 25 lbs. These bands safely mount on the door. Also there is a DVD that explains how the exercises work and even demonstrates many of them. Finally, there is a chart that out lines the nearly 200 exercises that can be done with the system. Some involve pushing while others involve pulling. The exercises are all based around fight training and sparing without needing all the extra equipment and space.

Advantages of Tower 200

The Tower 200 is loaded with advantages that make it perfect for many guys for many different reasons. The most important one is space. When it is not in use it takes up almost none. Everyone uses their stair machine for the same thing when it is not in use; it becomes a towel rack. Manufacturers are much better than they used to be. Most machines now fold up and slide under the bed. Tower 200 has them beat; it fits in a drawer.

Second, it sets up fast. That, in turn, gets it used more often. When you want to workout you want to do it then and not in the 20 minutes it seems to take to set other machines. You can pull it out of the drawer, set it up, do the 11 minute workout and put it up in under 15 minutes. All that and it protects the door while you workout. Most similar system do not do that.

At last there is the cost. When it is compared to a gym membership it is very affordable. Several months of gym membership will pay for it. When added to it’s size and style of exercise it seems very suited for young men.

In all, Tower 200 offers a good product targeted to younger men. It has a small size so it is easy to store, it can be set up and used quickly, and has a variety of exercises that can be done with it. It has the flexibility of a large machine in a small package.

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