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Ab Flyer Reviews : Purpose and Function

There are so many ab exercise machines out there it is hard to keep up. One of these is the Ab Flyer. So what makes this product so different from any other?


This product was designed to help people work their abdominal muscles without causing great pain. It helps you work your midsection without straining your back, neck, or shoulders.

All this is done and you are not likely to have to do another crunch again. The objective using this machine is to make this process more efficient and safe for you. It helps move your body the way it was meant to move.


The Ab Flyer is intended to help you work your abs from the bottom up, unlike other machines. This is done as a person kneels on the kneepad and swings in a back and forth motion while holding onto the firm handle bar.

All of your stomach and abdominal muscles are worked at the same time instead of just one or a few. It works the lower, middle, and upper abs, and even your oblique muscles.

Expected Results

It may be hard to believe but people who use this machine on a regular basis experienced amazing results. For instance, one woman when down three dress sizes and was able to wear a bikini. Other stories similar to this one have also been told, and it has been used by both men and women.


It can be used by both beginning and advanced trainers. It also can be easily stored when not in use. It is easy to use and is thickly padded so it is easier on the knees than other machines. It might be easy to take with you if you travel frequently.

It also reduces the time that it takes to perform your daily routine. Yet, in not much time you start to notice phenomenal results without becoming too sore. It is safe for most people to use if they are in good health.


Although it does have knee pads thicker than most equipment like it, this machine may not be recommended for anyone with bad knee joints. It may not be recommended for people who have just recently had hip surgery. Your doctor or other health professional can give you insight as to how safe it would be for you to use this machine.

Before Usage

It helps to have a complete checkup before using the Ab Flyer. This will ensure the highest level of prevention against injury. It will also alert you of any health problems that would cause this machine to not be the best option for you.

To ensure your total safety, make sure you inspect the machine to make sure it is still fastened securely. For the most part it should be but it should be looked over on a regular basis. Furthermore, do not forget to fold it and put it away while not in use-or set it in a corner.

This will prevent people you care about-or you even-from tripping over it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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  1. I was considering buying the ab flyer through the company website, put all my cc information in then changed my mind, I never hit the place order button. Next day, they sent through the order anyway. I called and told them to cancel but the customer service representative told me it had already been shipped and there was nothing he could do. He said I could pay the shipping to send it back to them and they would give me a refund for the machine only. That is 45.00 in shipping charges to fix a mistake that I never even made out of my pocket. I get an e-mail from the company later that night telling me they were processing my order and they would send me another e-mail before the order ships. The customer service rep lied to me to keep me from canceling my order.

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