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Chalean Extreme Review

Chalene Johnson, inventor of the Turbo Jam is a famous fitness trainer has yet another new exercise program to share with others. It is not available to you, except that you probably need to know why you would even want to choose this one over the endless other fitness programs out there.

What Is it?

The Chalean Extreme workout is a complete weightless and exercise DVD that works on the basic premise that muscle burns fat. According to recent fitness studies, the more lean muscle you have the more fat you burn.

The Chalean Extreme is more than just an exercise program, though. You also get the ‘Guidebook’ which includes easy-to-follow workout calendars. You are given a schedule so you know exactly which workouts you should perform each day.

This saves time as you do not have to think and remember what you did yesterday or the day before. It is all organized for you and all you need to do is follow along with the advice of the professional trainer who created this program.

Instructions in the guidebook include information about how much weight you should be lifting and when. That way, you can gain the most of your workout time.

Of course, your exercise is not the only thing that is planned out for you. A complete Chalean Extreme Fat-Burning Nutrition Guide is provided to ensure that you make healthy food.

It also allocates your menus in such a way that you know what to eat during each of the 3 phases of the Chalean Extreme program. This expert exercise training program was created using techniques that only come from Chalean Johnson’s years of professional experience in the fitness industry.


It is hard to go wrong when you are backed by the knowledge of someone who has been participated the fitness world for years. The best part about this program is that it provides a way to help you burn fat more readily by way of using strength training as well as cardio exercises.

It is a more complete system. You are not leaving one important part of your routine out and wondering why your body does not look the way you want it to look after weeks or months of use.

How it Works?

The Chalean Extreme workout program requires either your own free weights, or resistance bands like the ones we offer. With that, here is an interesting point to remember.

The 5-pound weights that are included may seem light until you realize that lifting slowly is much more challenging than lifting fast. This is a revolutionary way to tone and build your muscles to aid in the fat burning process.

The Chalean program is broken down into three phases:

  • Burn – This is the phase in which you are taught proper routines to help you burn fat.
  • Push – You would become stronger and stronger as you build up your lean muscle in this phase.
  • Lean –  You continue to practice what you have learned to help maintain the lean and fat-free body you have always wanted.

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