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Contour Abs Review

There is a new method of getting that really firm six pack of abs you’ve always wanted that doesn’t involve diet and exercise. The Contour Core Sculpting System or Contour Abs, Contour Core is an electronic muscle stimulator belt that is designed to tighten, firm and strengthen the muscles in the abs without exercise.

A healthy person who follows a sensible diet should be able to loose three inches off their mid section in two weeks if they use Contour Abs correctly. Unlike some similar products the Contour Core actually works and it is safe for most people to use.

The Contour Core was created by Swiss medical professionals who wanted to combine physiology with modern technology. It helps people lose weight and firm up their abs by stimulating the core muscles directly with electricity. This has the same effect as hours of exercise at the gym.

Cleared by the FDA

The Contour Core has been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, the federal agency which regulates medical and other devices in the US for use on muscles on healthy people. This means the Contour Abs is safe if used as directed.

Persons with hernias and those who have had serious injuries to the chest or lower back won’t be able to use Contour Core because of safety concerns. People who have had injuries to those areas of the body should consult their doctor before using Contour Core.

Contour Abs is not an instant weight loss device it will have to be used everyday and those who use it will have to follow directions. Those who diet and exercise while using Contour Core will see better results with the product.

Advantages to Contour Abs

The biggest advantage to Contour Abs is that unlike many of the exercise devices and firm Abs programs it can be used anywhere. At home, at the gym, at the office or in your hotel room it even comes with a handy travel bag.

Another advantage to the Contour Core Sculpting System is that can be yours for three easy payments of $14.99 or around $45. That is far cheaper than a gym membership or most exercise devices. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars and spending weeks sweating away at the gym a person can get firm Abs in a few weeks with Contour Abs.

It goes without saying that a person who takes advantage of this system won’t have to go to the gym to work out. Instead they can use Contour Core in the privacy of their home while engaging in activity like reading or watching TV.

This is muscle sculpting without the trips to the gym or the hours of working out. It is the next development in weight loss.

Best of all you can try the Contour Core Sculpting System risk free for thirty days. If you don’t like the system or it doesn’t work you can send it back and get a refund. This means that a healthy person has no reason not to try Contour Abs if they want firm Abs.

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