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No Nonsense Muscle Building – Reviewed

If you have been looking for the right way to get ‘ripped’ and to achieve the muscle bulk and definition that you know you should have, it is quite likely that you have tried many different techniques including assorted exercise routines, diets, ‘magic’ pills and supplements and various expensive items of equipment. It is well known that for the majority of people it is completely possible to achieve the body you want to have, but the large majority of us never find exactly the right technique to suit our lifestyle and metabolism, and often people put themselves at risk by using dangerous, untested and unapproved supplements and drugs which harm them for the rest of their lives.

Vince DelMonte – Once Known as Skinny Vinny

No-Nonsense Muscle Building, a book by Vince DelMonte, might well provide you with the information you need to properly get your physique to the right level without all the expense, traumatic procedures, side effects and risk associated with many of the methods advertised in this day and age. Vince Del Monte is a qualified Kinesiologist, who until fairly recently was known as Skinny Vinny, as a result of trying everything he could get his hands on to beef up his puny physique, until suddenly he discovered how to make it happen. In the book he shares his success story and his secrets. It is a simple to follow process, which so far has helped tens of thousands of people, and it is extremely well explained, with all the reasons why each step is so important to achieving your muscle gain and toning goals.

Natural Methods

Wherever possible Vince uses natural methods instead of resorting to unnatural processes and chemicals, and he has tried to make his system as user-friendly as possible, so that even people with low willpower can get the benefit of his advice and techniques. Whatever your current physical state, if you have tried everything else and despaired of ever getting to be the man you deserve to be (or woman) you should really give this book a try – it is good value, and if you compare the price to what you probably spend on useless or dangerous supplements and equipment you will soon see the reasons why this book is for you.

What Not to do

A lot of other programs around will just tell you what you should do in order to buff up and get a ripped, toned body, but equally important, and what Vince concentrates on is what not to do. All the common mistakes which people make that cancel out any good techniques they use are analyzed and explained in detail. If you want a brief intro to the ideas he uses, On Vince’s website you can ask for the free introductory 22 page report which will give you a good taste of why this book is so successful and sought after, and why it is so effective at helping people get the body they desire.

Why wait, when the answers are just waiting for you to read – especially if you are skinny and want to bulk up safely, quickly and attractively, then this could be the book for you.

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