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P90X Workout Review – How Does The System Work?

Any doctor will tell you that the best and fastest way to having a healthy body is to have a healthy mind. The best way for the brain to create adrenaline is when it is most active and the body needs adrenaline to develop at it´s best rate. I learned this from a doctor friend of mine and it really helped my workout. I spent much more time at the gym and got a lot more done when I was there. I did get tired of the commute everyday and then a friend told me about the P90X Workout. This was designed as a home workout system and I thought that would be a great idea: If it worked.

How Does The System Work?

A good workout has two rules. If you want to build bulk you add resistance and lower repetitions and vice versa; if you want definition you increase the repetitions. The P90X Workout system is centered on a 12 workout system that can be easily tailored to work out every part of your body from arms, neck and torso to legs and even cardio. What is really surprising about this system is that it adds both yoga and other stretching exercises not seen in other systems. This is a system used by both body builders and weight lifers called “muscle confusion”. The different exercises are done in rapid succession so as not to let the body hit overload. This serves to greatly increase both the body´s stamina and strength while at the same time melting excess weight. And the system gets fast results if followed correctly.

Some Good Reasons to Try the P90X Workout

This is not one of those systems with a few books, a short video that spends more time trying to sell other products then it does training you. With this program you get a professional trainer, Tony Horton, who will not only take you through the program step by step he will also supply you with a diet plan for the three stages of the plan and some advice on what supplements to take and which to avoid. The program also offers a detailed written instructional guide that can be followed during the program, online peer support and a calendar to keep a record of your progress.


I have to say that I have never seen a fitness program that goes to such lengths to provide it´s users with so much information. It is no surprise that the P90XWorkout program has such great reviews from so many satisfied users. The P90X Workout has covered every detail of this extremely cost effective workout program, and it has saved me not only the time and expense of traveling to the gym daily but now I can spend my workout time with a program that is actually showing better results than my gym was able to provide. And with the included 90-day money back guarantee this program is a must buy. My only regret is that I couldn’t find this program before I wasted my time at a gym.

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