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Review: What is so Special about the Hip-Hop Abs?

If you are reading this it probably caught your eye for a reason. You are probably wondering what is so special about the Hip-Hop Abs program. How is it any better than any other program you may have used? Is it really the “number 1 fitness program on TV.”

An Explanation

One thing that makes the Hip Hop Abs DVD series stand out among other fitness/weight loss programs is that it does not involve taking any diet supplements or medications.

The main focus of this training program is on the exercise that we all need to stay fit, even if we eat right. At the same time the goal is to have fun while you are doing it.

The Hip-Hop Abs program incorporates dance moves which target your mid section. Yet, it is so fun that it may not seem like a weight loss and get-fit program. It is almost like you dancing out at the bar or club versus workout out in your living room!

Program Contents

Hip Hop Abs Program is comprised of four DVD’s. In each are separate routines. Some of the DVD sessions are centered on toning the abdominal area of your body, and others are for burning fat. Most of all you are taught moves that are both fun and great for fitness.

More specifically, Shaun T, the creator of the Hip Hop Abs program has created moves that you can remember. He created the 3 T’s system-Tilt, Tuck, and Tighten.

These easy-to-remember techniques are intended to help you easier work the upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, and oblique muscles. Shaun T’s program is a phenomenal dance exercise focusing on hip hop moves that work on the abs. You probably will not find any others quite like it.


The Hip Hop Abs is an ideal alternative to doing routines that require of kicks and other fast moves but rather you can just simply dance up a sweat. The Hip Hop Abs videos use the same kind of music you hear on the radio-and music you like if you love to dance.

This is all done as an incentive to get you to move. This program is very suitable for everyone, but particularly for those who love a challenge and who love to dance and have a feel for beats of music.

One (Small) Disadvantage

Of course, one small disadvantage is you may not be into hip hop music. You also may not be much of a dancer. In this case it could be more challenging for you. On the other hand if you are determined you can loosen up, learn the steps, and develop a new hobby in the process.

A Bonus

The Hip Hop Abs not only comes with about three hours of dancing and a program guide, but also it comes with a Nutritional Plan. This is all done to help you improve stamina and energy without using any supplements at all. The result is then usually a better quality of life as this program encourages an entire lifestyle change.

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