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Show and Go Training Program Review

For weight trainers and athletes, one of the vital things is to ensure that they have a good muscular stature without deposits of fats over those muscles. They are attracted to the training programs that lead to reduced body fat and help in building the body muscles. The Show and Go Training program is ideally designed for physically active individuals, both men and women, which facilitate in losing body fat and at the same time develop body muscle strength.

The Highlights of the Program

It is a 16 weeks programs divided in to four stages of varied training regime. Eric Cressey devised this intensive training program based on his long experience as personal trainer offering services to best athletes. His program is available online and is targeted towards renowned professional athletes as well as other people keen to bring about the positive change in their body.

The program encompasses varied exercises ranging from high impact and intensity to low intensity work outs. The good thing about the program is that it identifies your weak areas and then addresses those weak areas to bring about the desired results. The program not only suggests various exercises and weight training regimes that could guarantee a leaner and stronger body, it also specifies the correct way to do those exercises so that no injury is caused in the process of carrying out those exercises. The program shows different varieties of weight training work outs focusing on different problem areas of the body and suggests different levels of intensity so that the regime could suit both the beginners and professional trainers.

Different Phases of the Program

The program consists of different phases with each phase comprising of several short exercise cycles. These short cycles not only help in maintaining the pace and strength level of the trainers, it also plays a vital role in keeping the motivation and inspiration of the trainers at its best which helps them in carrying on with the training cycle and not giving it up mid way. The hard earned and thorough experience of the program designer can very well be seen in the quality and superiority of the online program.

The program is quite unique from other programs offered in gyms or by other trainers. This program does not follow a repetitive routine of exercises, which eventually is a good idea to bring about quick change in the body. If same exercises are continued for a longer period of time, the body gets used to the routine and therefore does not respond to the exercises in the same way as they did earlier. A varying program ensures that the body is faced with different exercises, not letting it get used to any set pattern. The program offers dynamic exercises and stretches that work on the core body areas along with small muscles groups.

Following this program with accuracy will lead to a leaner body with less body fat and more muscles strength along with a surge of energy and vigor in the body achieved without indulging in to unnecessary dieting and steroids.

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