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The Insanity Total-Body Conditioning Review: Who can Benefit?

The Insanity Total-Body Conditioning is the answer for some people. If you are ready for heavy cardio and want to lose body fat fast, Shaun T has some answers for you. Will this program work for everyone? Probably not but it should work for the most motivated people.

Who Benefits

It is for the more hard core, fitness nuts who are ready to go and are willing to work hard enough to break into a sweat. This is an advance interval training, which includes cardio and plyometrics routines.

It makes it more challenging rather than a bore for the person who is not just working out for the very first time. This program appears to be more ideal for men. However, women probably could also use it with great success.


This is not just an exercise program, but rather a lifestyle change program. Along with the workout treating you receive a very comprehensive nutrition plan.

This should help you reach your peak physical condition in just 60 days-faster than competitors. At the same time, even though the workout is quite vigorous the exercises that are introduced to fitness students are relatively easy to perform.

One point in favor of the insanity workout also worth mentioning is it does not require weights and you can even do it at home. All you need is a little a bit of space and a moderate amount of motivation. The best part of using the Insanity Workout program is that it actually can be completed in about 40 to 50 minutes at the most.

The Insanity workout program not only concentrates on the cardio circuit that helps you burn fat but it also focuses on the muscle toning aspect. It is not called the Total-Body Condition for nothing.

Program Contents

A total of 10 different variations of the Insanity Total-Body Workout are included. The first session is only 30 minutes and is kind of a test. It helps gauge where you are at physically and helps you set your pace.

You then learn more and more challenging routines and/or mix up your workouts with each DVD you are provided in your kit. You also get a calendar, support tools (online), and a fitness guide. Of course, as mentioned already you also receive the nutritional plan that corresponds to this exercise program.

Some Concerns

It may not be meant for beginning workout students, although it could be possibly incorporated in time as you build up your strength and endurance. Just be very careful and make sure you get checked by a doctor to ensure you are in proper health condition.


If you are ready to take your workout to another level while improving your fitness by up to 120%, then this rather rigorous set of Insanity sessions is for you. The main objective is to achieve as fast of results as possible in the shortest period of time.

It is a high-intensity workout that should only be followed if you are genuinely serious about undergoing a complete lifestyle change. If that is you then you should benefit greatly from the Insanity Total-Body system.

You can visit the official product site here.

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