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Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer Review

You may have heard of Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer, and you are probably wondering what the purpose of it is. Mainly, it utilizes a special technique called Super Stacking together with resistance bands which help in body sculpting and toning.

Its Purpose

The purpose of the 10-Minute Trainer is to help cut down on the time spent completing workout routines. In order to help you fulfill your whole workout routine in less time, Tony Horton walks you through a rapid-fire system that works all areas of your body.

All it takes is 10 minutes on the weekdays and just 20 to 30 minutes on the weekend. The best part about it is you have the option of mixing up your routine. You can enjoy sessions that includes more than just one type of exercise.

Tony Horton walks you through a rapid-fire mechanism that works all areas of your body in just 10 minutes.

How it Works

With the 10 minute trainer workout, the routines are ever changing and ever evolving. In the process, more fat is burned, and a person is better able to stay fit. This is because this exercise routine helps tap into the metabolism-increasing power of the muscles.

This is done as all four parts of the body are worked on during the exercise routine.


You can perform the Dr. Horton routines at your own pace. Therefore, there is less chance of injury while you increase your metabolism levels and burn far more calories than you ever did before.

This makes it easier for busy people who have a full time job and a houseful of kids to still take time to get rid of stubborn fat. You can also tone your abs, upper body, lower body, buttocks, and more.

Program Contents

The comprehensive 10-Minute Trainer provides you with everything you need for a very productive and efficient training session. A four-DVD set delivers you a variety of workout routines so you can perform a new one every single day.

Here is a short explanation of the type of training you would receive in the DVD’s:

  • Total Body DVD is designed to for complete form and fitness. It helps you finish your workout in no time at all.
  • The Cardio DVD is meant to provide you excellent heart health and to burn off excess calories. This will help keep your blood, blood sugar, and other vital signs pressure normal while your energy levels and metabolism rates remain high.
  • Lower Body DVD is designed to help you attain sexy buns and legs.
  • Yoga Flex DVD for a full-body toning. At the same time, it also limbers you up in all the right places.

Some Concerns

You have to realize that this is no magic exercise routine. You still need to do the work. The main role of the Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer is to help you along.

However, it will not do the work for you. This may be discouraging to some people who think that they should be able to lose weight without exercise. However, this is reality. This program should make it easier though.

For more information about the Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer please visit the official website.

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