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A Review of Angry Birds for Newcomers

If you haven’t played Angry Birds on your mobile tablet or smartphone then you probably should sometime soon. This is one of the best games to have come out in recent years thanks to its simplicity, the challenges it provides and the general fun you’ll have just by playing it.

What Is It All About?

Angry Birds is a game that comes with a simple premise. A bunch of green pigs have stolen a series of eggs held by a bunch of birds. It’s up to those birds to get those eggs back by knocking out the pigs in a series of puzzles.

The forms of play that you can use can vary according to the kind of Angry Birds game you play.

Easy to Play

The process of playing Angry Birds is not that difficult. You just have to launch a series of birds out to destroy assorted obstacles in order to destroy the pigs. You have to do this by moving your finger back on the screen in an appropriate direction and intensity.

In some cases you’d have to tap the screen for a desired effect based on the bird you have. This includes allowing a black bird to explode, a blue bird to divide itself into smaller blue birds, a yellow bird going faster or the new pink bird creating bubbles that can cause obstacles to float up and then fall back down.

More Interesting in Its Styles

One good part of Angry Birds to review involves the ways how you can play the game. You can play this will all sorts of things ranging from zero gravity zones to wind conditions to explosive crates. There are even levels with fragile ice materials that are easier to break than wood or stone. The styles that you’d be able to play with are great to find.

Nice Graphics

The final thing to see is the graphics for the game. The graphics are made to be appealing and easy to see. They come with some entertaining designs and plenty of clever appearances for many of the birds, pigs and other features. The fact that you can zoom in and out of a screen to see more or less as needed is great too.

You should play Angry Birds because of the many things that the game offers to anyone. It’s an exciting game that is easy to use and involves many ways to play.

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