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GameFly Review

Video games have just about taken over the world when it comes to entertainment, education and just plain fun. Games have become more sophisticated with specialized graphics, 3D, sound and micro detail. The video game business is breaking all consumer records in sales and rentals like nothing else in the history of buying and selling. Video games have been incorporated into all facets of life and not just for the young at heart.

How it Works

Instead of buying video games that will be played maybe a dozen or so times and then set aside to collect dust, GameFly has embraced the concept of renting video games. Members choose their membership according to their desire to rent one or two video games at a time. That monthly fee allows the member to choose from 7,000 titles of games suitable for Play station, Xbox, Wii and Nintendo DS. The games are chosen online and shipped free of charge. The member gets to play the game as long as they want and then return them and choose other games from the list. Shipping is free, and there are no late charges. Membership can be canceled at any time.

The Game Store

If you are a video game fan that must own their favorite video games, GameFly offers new and used video games for sale for all available platforms. Used game discs are inspected before sale and will include all manuals. Search the bargain bin for those vintage and hard to find video games. It is not necessary to be a member of GameFly to purchase video games from the store, but members will have their video games shipped at no cost.

GameFly Trade In

If you have video games just gathering dust but in good condition otherwise, consider trading in your used video games at GameFly and receive credit towards your membership fee. To trade in your video game, log into your account, enter the title or UPC Code in the trade in column, conform your cart at check out, print the mailing label and packing slip and pack and ship your game. To be eligible, members must have at least three membership charges to their credit. Members in Florida and Utah are not eligible to participate due to state legislation.

Visit GameFly Answers

Not only is GameFly one of the leaders in video game rental, they are a purveyor of answers. Visit the answer page and check out the latest buzz and rumors. Find out the cheats and codes and gain a definite advantage over your opponents. Check out game history and take a journey through the wacky world of video games and how they came about. Be the first to know when the newest hardware will be out and what upgrades and new features they will contain. Take a poll or express an opinion or join in an off topic discussion.

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GD Star Rating
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