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Digestive Science Reflux Elimination System Review

Digestive Science has created a series of products that work in its Reflux Elimination System. This system was designed to help with getting heartburn, indigestion and acid reflex to disappear from one’s body. This is all done without the use of antacids. The big point about this system is that it actually does work very well as long as the right steps are used.

Digestive Science is offering this as an alternative to antacids. This is because antacids can kill off digestive enzymes that are needed to help control acid production. This can make enzyme production harder to handle and therefore cause acid reflux or heartburn.

What steps are used?

The steps that are used in the Reflux Elimination System are important to review. The Acid Control Formula medicine works to coat the esophagus as a means of protecting it. It also helps to stop the production of hydrochloric acids so they will not be too substantial.

The Digestive Enzyme Renewal medicine is used in the second part. This features digestive enzymes and stomach acids to help improve the body’s ability to digest foods.

The Daily Digestion Support part of the system is the third step. This is a fiber supplement that can be mixed with juice or water. This features the chia seed, a seed that supports the digestive system with fiber and even has omega-3 fatty acids in it.

These three steps are easy to handle. The dosage standards on each package are clear and it is easy to measure everything.

What results can happen?

It does take a while for the Reflux Elimination System to work but it can be worth it. It often takes around thirty days to get the system to work well enough. In fact, Digestive Science often recommends using it for at least ninety days for the best results.

The effects that do come out of the system are very beneficial. The system can help the body by reducing instances of heartburn and preventing constipation or diarrhea. It can even work to improve the body’s energy levels, thus making it more likely to handle foods properly.

The best result out of this is that it will not cause the body to require more antacids. This means that the user can keep from dealing with the process of having one’s pH level altered and then getting too many enzymes produced in the body as a means of securing its ability to work with food.


I must have spent at least fifty dollars a month on antacids just to keep my heartburn down. The Reflux Elimination System worked much better and should help me out with keeping my acid levels down.” – Becky H., Seattle

I had stopped drinking alcohol, exercised more often and eaten the right foods but I kept getting acid reflux. That all stopped after I started to use the Reflux Elimination System. Now my body has an easier time with taking care of its enzymes.” – Stanley D., Tampa

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