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Herpotherm Review – Cure Your Cold Sores

Cold sores are one of the most annoying and painful type of sores that can develop inside of your mouth. They are often persistent and never fully disappear. Millions of people across the United States and across the world suffer from these cold sores on a daily basis, and the suffering is very terrible. Until lately, there was really nothing that could be done to prevent or treat cold sores – that is until now. A new product called Herpotherm is on the market, and it promises to prevent cold sores and treat ones that are already formed inside of your mouth. Herpotherm is the size of a lipstick cartridge so nobody will even know what you are applying to your lips. It is compact and able to be carried around easily in your purse or pocket. The product is safe to use regardless of what age you are, as the product contains only natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives.

How does it Work?

Herpotherm works by effectively combating the common symptoms associated with the herpes simplex virus which causes cold sores to form in your mouth. The product utilizes intense heat of about 130 degrees Fahrenheit to systematically eliminate the cold sores as they form. This is great for those that seemingly develop cold sores out of the blue and have them that form fast. In addition to stopping the formation of blisters, it also causes the other symptoms associated with cold sores like the pain, burning and itching to go away very quickly. Although the product heats up to very high temperatures, you will not feel any pain because the pain of the cold sore that is currently in your mouth with override the normal pain that you would feel with such heat.

In order to have the most effectiveness, you should apply the product at the first symptom of a cold sore. Below are the simple instructions that you need to apply the product:

  • Take off the cap and press the heat patch against the area of the mouth that is being affected.
  • Press the button and the thing will start to heat up, this means that it is working. Hold here for about 5 seconds or until the audible noise stops.
  • Remove the product from the lips and you should notice immediate relief

Side Effects

As with any medicine, there are side effects associated with Herpotherm. Although if you use the product as recommended and don’t apply too much of it, the side effects should be minimal if you experience any at all.

  • If you hold the gold plated heat plate to your lips for too long, you experience intense pain from the heat, this can easily be solved by simply listening to the audio beep and removing the plate when the beeping stops.
  • Never let somebody else use the same product as you use. This can cause sickness because of the transmission of bacteria from the gold plate.

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