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The Holistic Approach to Drug Recovery

Recovering from drug addiction is a serious issue that takes much time and effort to complete. Drug rehab centers provide a variety of rehabilitation methods all with varying success rates. Throughout the years, rehab centers have followed various trendy recovery programs. In the past few years, one of the most popular trends for drug recovery is the holistic approach. The holistic approach provides a multi-centered approach to drug recovery that can be highly effective.

The philosophy behind holistic drug therapy
Holistic drug therapy helps addicts recover from drug addiction in several ways. The therapy program focuses on restoring the spirit, mind, and body to recover from addicting behaviors and unhealthy thoughts. One of the main phillosphies in holistic therapy is that individuals addicted to drugs should be treated as people, rather than treated just as clinical patients. The goal is to help each patient recover in body, spirit, and mind.

How does holistic drug recovery work?
Most modern holistic drug rehab centers use a combination of medical technology and holistic treatment programs combined with individual and group therapy. In the early stages of treatment, patients are given a variety of modern medicines to make the detoxification process easier. After the initial detox process, patients are treated with a variety of holistic therapies, including nutritional diet changes, meditation techniques, acupuncture, massage and spa therapies, herbal supplements, and spiritual counseling. Patients will also receive medically-assisted individual and group therapy counseling to help conquer drug addiction.The Holistic Approach to Drug Recovery

Do holistic treatments work?
While many people scoff at the idea of holistic drug rehab programs, they can actually provide a solid foundation for life-long drug addiction recovery. With holistic treatment, patients are treated on a case-by-case basis. Therapy methods used for one patient may not be as effective for another, so the counselors and medical staff create a unique holistic approach based on individual need. One patient may respond well to spiritual counseling, while another may respond better to diet and exercise changes. The benefit of holistic treatments is that they can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of each patient at the center.

Will insurance cover holistic treatment centers?
In most cases, major insurance providers will provide coverage for holistic treatment centers. Since most holistic centers also use traditional medical recovery techniques as well with certified doctors, medical staff, and counselors, traditional insurance providers will likely cover at least a part of drug rehab treatment. Some insurance companies may not cover drug rehab unless treatment is mandated by a court, so always check with your insurance provider before signing up for any drug rehab program, holistic or otherwise.

Just like with many other programs, a multi-faceted approach to drug rehab will lead to higher success rates. A holistic drug rehab center provides the multi-step approach that many addicts require to obtain full recovery. If you appreciate the philosophy of combining mind, body, and spirit in recovery programs, then you will benefit from the experiences and treatment methods used in a holistic drug rehab facility.

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