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HostICan Customer Web Hosting Review

The little known Virginia-based webhost-HostICan-was founded in late 2003. Because they offer unmetered and unrestricted bandwidth for their upper level plans, they decided to take “unmetered bandwidth” as their slogan. To become a HostICan customer or user, one must have background knowledge of websites and webhosting, since they do not have a site builder. Instead, they have templates for those who would like to use them. It offers three categories of site hosting; Virtual Private, Shared and Dedicated Hosting. For each of these categories, HostICan has two hosting plans, the lower and the upper plan levels. Available on both Windows and Linux platforms is the Virtual Private hosting plan.

Control Panel

When it comes to the control panel, HostICan uses cPanel as its control panel option for all categories. For VPS hosting, it offers Plesk. The two control panels are easy to use and perfect for efficient web administration. For merchant websites that would like to manage transaction through their websites, it offers the transaction services in partnership with another website.

Pricing and Charges

They have a little bit higher prices for webhosting compared to many of their competitors. Nevertheless, this is looked into when someone opts for a two year billing cycle, with a discount of nearly 50% recorded. They will not tell you that the 50% discount is only for those who will choose long term, until you land in their billing system.

Customer Care

Out of the many service providers in the world, HostICan offers a good customer care service of 24/7/365 toll-free calling service accompanied by a reliable emailing. Also complementing their customer care service is a daily chatting platform that opens at 8:30am and closes at 10:30pm. Generally, email responses take about four minutes; chats take two minutes with calls going directly to the human service desk after a brief introductory. Many queries are answered there and then without the assistant putting the customer on hold; however, a complex question will take a while before it is answered. For those who do not want to contact the customer care desk directly, there is a searchable database on their web site with reliable information about many aspects of website management. The information ranges from DNS management, control panel interface, File Transfer Protocol access and many others. In addition, a more than 250 member community discusses many issues about webhosting and other topics.


They have a 30-day money-back guarantee for all those who will not be pleased with their services. With Equinix as they datacenter service provider, they guarantee they customers a secured store for they data. A 99.9% uptime guarantee is provided which if not met, leads to a one-month hosting refund.


There FTP access is fast with their test website loading in a recommendable speed. They have a quick responding customer care, something that is crucial in defining HostICan. Compared to many other webhost service providers at their level, they offer higher prices for their plans, with no website builder, although it is a reasonable price for what they offer. General impression, HostICan’s services are good at a reasonable price.

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