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Hostmonster Web Hosting User Reviews and Coupons

Hostmonster is a reliable provider, offer dependable solutions for web hosting that is above the services offered by their competition.

What is Hostmonster?

Hostmonster has been in business since 1996 and has earned a reputation for fully functional web hosting plans and excellent customer service, with some of the most competitive pricing possible.

Hostmonster relies on their top rated, A-class infrastructure, consisting of Quad Opteron servers, full back-up for UPS power and a generator that guarantees the websites they host will not go down. Hostmonster further delivers a patented mirrored backup storage system and a backbone internet connection with OC-48 that goes faster than 2 GB a second on transfer speeds. What this means is that Hostmonster customers can look forward to reliable service and professional services that are well worth the monthly rate.

Hostmonster offers some of the best pricing in the business for customers on a budget or for small business start ups that do not have the income to pay the larger, more well-known and more expensive web hosting companies. Even though the price is competitive, the Hostmonster plan is exceptional for value and pricing.

Get More With Hostmoster

Hostmonster offers over ten features with their plan. This plan is $6.95 a month, with the following features included:

  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Free domain name registration
  • 1500GB of disk storage
  • 1500GB of monthly data transfer and bandwidth
  • Limitless POP and secure POP emails
  • Limitless Host Domains and Sub Domains
  • WHOIS privacy for domains, included in the price
  • SPAM-Assassin filtering for emails
  • IMAP and secure IMAP emails
  • Script support for Fantastico
  • Limitless FTP accounts and anonymous support
  • User-friendly cPanel administrator panel
  • SSH Full Shell access
  • 100 databases for MySQL
  • 100 databases for PostgreSQL
  • Customer choice of PHP version 4 or 5, or Perl 5, CGI script support and Python
  • 99.9% guaranteed up time

This company has some of the best features on the market offered by any web hosting company. Their list of products and services extend to their cPanel Control Panel that provides the customers with their own set of Controls. This panel is provided in several different native languages like English, Spanish and more, to extend their reach to helping non-English speaking communities.

Hostmonster customers also require little technical support. However, if that technical support is needed, Hostmonster customers can go to their website and find the answer, in most cases, right there in the broad FAQ questions that this company has provided. There is also email response customer service that provides professional and friendly technical support for any problem raised to them. For those that can not resolve their issue by email, they can call the customer service number that is also provided. With the email and phone, there is always someone available anytime day or night, 24/7.

Hostmonster has delivered on its promises for reliable services and excellent customer service for over 14 years. This provider can deliver on its promises for a low monthly price that makes it possible for any body to own their own domain and have their own site. Getting on board with Hostmonster is a cost-effective business decision that most people will appreciate and benefit from.

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  1. Enjoyed the host monster post. Not many blogs worth bookmarking but this is going on Delicious now!

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  2. “5 years now and nothing but perfection out of HostMonster. For the 10 years previous to hosting all of my domains and my clients domains on HostMonster

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