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HostNine Web Hosting User Reviews and Coupons

Founded in 2006 by people of good web hosting experience, HostNine offers reseller, shared and dedicated webhosting. A first glimpses of their website, gives one the impression that they offer good webhosting services.

Control Panel

HostNine offer its customer with the industry-standard control panel, cPanel Control panel. This therefore means easy website administration, databases, files, security, domains and much other functionality. The Reseller and Merchant websites use a more powerful and secure Reseller Central Control Panel. This type also eases management of client databases. In addition to this, reseller websites are offered with WebHost Manager, which eases the entire server management and its hosting accounts.

Features and Pricing

HostNine is considerate and offers very flexible web hosting plans that suit diverse website needs. Many webhosting service providers tend to provide customers with too much space and bandwidths, which they might not need, or use in future but still pay for. At HostNine, they offer the amount of space that carter fully for an individual’s website services. For resellers and shared hosting categories, there are four different hosting plans while the dedicated category has three plans of choice. The last time we checked, HostNine’s basic shared plan has a limit of 100GB bandwidth plus a maximum disk space of 5GB, which can be considered enough to run for most websites, which do not intend to host many videos.

Shared and Reseller

Comparing with other competitors on the same level as HostNine, they offer cheaper prices although with a lesser but sufficient amount of disk space and lower bandwidths for an average website owner. This plan can be said to be the best for those who want to host less videos and more information in writing format. Reseller accounts have an option to choose where they want the websites to be physically located, with an option of one of the eight U.S based servers or in three other locations globally. This means that the risk of grounding all the websites incase one server fails is minimized.

Dedicated and Merchant

HostNine has three categories under the dedicated plan. This plan runs on three operating systems, Windows, CentOS and RedHat. Besides the prices being lower in webhosting cost, they offer better features at that same price including WebHost Manager, Dedicated Hosting administration’s standard application. For merchant and resellers, there is a provision of a ModernBill billing software that is integrated with the website to enable transactions to be done on that same website without redirecting to other websites.

Customer Care, Guarantee and Conclusion

Although they state on their website that they offer 24/7 customer services, there is some truth in saying that this is not true, however once connected their response is impressive. Their customer care service entails emailing, live chat, instant messaging and a toll free calling service. In guarantee, they give their customers a guarantee of a 30-day money back, if they are not pleased by their services. Testing their websites, they load fast and have a faster FTP access with the main server. The general impression of HostNine is good, with promising services and a wide range of plans to choose from.

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GD Star Rating
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