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SiteServing Review

SiteServing is a privately held company that was initially founded in 2000. SiteServing is built on the belief that all customers are equal, regardless of their monthly contribution.

Having not recently heard about SiteServing, we decided to explore them and see what they are all about. After having reviewed the site from stern to bow, we found that they have a huge knowledge base (literally packed with anything you can imagine), and we also discovered that they have an extensive forum. This then peeked our interested to take a look further into their hosting platform, which we outline in great detail below.

Our experience with SiteServing thus far:

From the outside, SiteServing is a professionally done service with great attention to detail. Nothing on the website is left to chance, and from our quick scan of the site, there isn’t even a single broken or missing image.

Having a wide selection of service plans, SiteServing seems to cover every need, from shared hosting services, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, domains, and even hosting licenses. They seem to be a one-stop-shop for just about everything.

Pricing; isn’t it always the big question?

SiteServing’s pricing structure seems to be fair and balanced, while still being on par with the other web hosting providers. SiteServing seems to ensure that its pricing is not only fair, but the resources provided are fair as well – so there isn’t an over powering weight on either side of the equation.

From a visitors perspective, SiteServing carries value for money, as its extensive web hosting services carry a vast amount of support resources, such as video tutorials, web hosting forum, live chat, extensive knowledge base, and blog and for about $2.45/mo – you can’t really go wrong. Most providers don’t even come close to the level of assistance and documentation provided by SiteServing, not to mention them even trying to surpass it.

So what makes SiteServing a good deal?

SiteServing web hosting is based on the all-famous cPanel control panel, which allows website owners and Webmasters to easily make adjustments on their websites. SiteServing also offers two auto installers, Softaculous and Fantastico, as well as providing a website builder called RVSiteBuilder.

SiteServing’s varying money back guarantee is also another feat in itself. It provides a “no-questions asked” money back guarantee for all its services, well above similar policies at other web hosting providers. So, be assured that you’ll get your money back.

Additionally, SiteServing hasn’t branded itself as an “over seller” where it allows customers to obtain “unlimited everything” but at a reasonable price. That way, you can be assured that you are not going to purchase an “unlimited everything” web hosting provider account and then just to find out that they have limited you on something else (very common occurrence).

So what can go wrong with SiteServing web hosting?

As far as a web hosting provider goes, there shouldn’t be anything that goes wrong with them, as they seem to have all of their basis covered. Their servers contain dual power supplies, processors, hard drive configurations (RAID-10), dual network interfaces, and a vast amount of other redundancies. All these redundancies ensure that your data is always safe on the SiteServing servers.

Furthermore, SiteServing incorporates a proprietary resource sharing application that ensures that no customer ever suffers an outage due to a bad neighbor on the server. So you can rest assured that not only is your data safe from a hardware perspective, but also from a software perspective as well!

So what’s the overall impression?

The overall impression of SiteServing is that they understand how the industry works, and how to look after customers. SiteServing appears from the outside, and inside to have a firm grip on what it takes to provide a proper and reliable web hosting service.

While SiteServing hasn’t been a brand that has been heard of tremendously, it appears to be a brand that understands the needs of the customers and does that with style and class. So you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Conclusion; to-go or not-to-go?

SiteServing certainly packs a punch on the first visit of the website and its scale. The team working at SiteServing seems to have a solid and practical approach to resolving questions and/or problems. SiteServing should definably be a company that you should try out as your next web hosting provider!

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