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Homestead QuickSites Review

According to respectable review sources, Homestead QuickSites is described as one that is ‘true to its name.’ This is because of its potential to create eye-catching and functional web sites in a hurry. However, does it really do justice to users?


Homestead QuickSites holds the license to a huge library of attractive templates. Furthermore, easy to use and versatile site-creation tools are provided along with excellent online assistance.

Many users would consider Homestead QuickSites to be surprisingly easy. Usually it just requires that you move your cursor over any modifiable item. Then, a help box appears, explaining the purpose of a particular module.

You are also given quick prompt instructions regarding how to change it. Accompanying online training videos and classes conducted by live instructors provide you with even further assistance.

Another aspect of the Homestead system that many users also would find impressive is the company’s eagerness to provide help to its customers. A toll-free support number even appears in plain view within the QuickSite Editor menu- a sign that they welcome your call if you need help.

This service may not always be free but it at least is there when you need it. It is one that a person can count on.

Other advantages of this program include this list:

  • You can modify your plan as necessary. For instance, you can add or subtract features such as e-mail addresses, extra bandwidth, and more.
  • QuickSites delivers on its promise of fast, versatile, effortless site building. It often is highly recommended to any small business that hasn’t yet made a substantial Internet income.
  • The number of website templates held in this system’s collection totals over 800. You are sure to find one that suits your needs that looks professional enough.
  • You can see exactly how your finished site will look and even get a temporary URL for it before your credit card ever comes out of your wallet.
  • Contrast this with services that require you to subscribe before you get any hands-on time with templates and design tools.
  • QuickSites is a very straightforward system to use. It is also a company that is honest, thus it reduces the potential for future unpleasant surprises.


Such quick-and-dirty Web publishing services are not new, and some people who try it may think it is overrated. It may not seem to have any special features to offer for the price paid for the package.

The regular hosting charges are not that high at only $24.95 per month. However, this does NOT include the price of the template you would want to use.

You could pay anywhere from $49 to $299 for access to one of the templates. This is about the average cost that it would be to have a professional web designer to have one custom-made for you. Thus, quite the disadvantage this is.

Furthermore, although you get free phone support, the “freeness” of it expires after 30 days. After that you will be charged for further assistance.

Furthermore, for the price you pay the templates seem to lack advanced site features. The other problem is that the company claims that you can create your website within a matter of minutes.

This may be true if you already have a good idea of what will be included. However, if you have no idea where to start it could take you all day to finish.

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