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Identity Guard Review

People today are seeking the best options for identity theft protection. Identity Guard is one solution that has been used.

The advantages and disadvantages of this system are further explored as users examine what it really can do, or what it cannot do. It may not work for everyone but it may work in the right situation for the right people.


Identity Guard is known for its 13 year proven track record of excellent identity theft protection. It also is known for its success in credit monitoring.

Oftentimes a free 15 day trial membership of Identity Guard total protection can be obtained.

In addition, a 3 in 1 Credit Report with 3 scores is updated quarterly for users of this program. Members who join also have the option to receive $2,000 until cards have been replaced.

Dedicated FAQs and technical support also is provided, as there is a toll-free helpline. This company also provides regular daily scanning for fraudulently credit application submissions.

If any item is in your name that should not be it can be identified much faster using Identity Guard. There also is the use of the ID Vault which is a personal password protector. It stores all passwords you have and keeps them safe.

The Identity Guard website is also very secure. Users are provided with the peace of mind that their identity is protected when they sign up to use this secure server.

Users who want to access Wi-Fi on the go can also benefit. Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots with your laptop fully protected from key loggers and hackers.

This extra protection for laptop users on the go is accessed using the Identity Guard’s Privacy Protect. Another tool that customers may find beneficial is the Lost Wallet Protection.

Users have no need to register or remember all of your credit card numbers when using Lost Wallet Protection. This software does all of the hard work for users. In addition to this you are also provided a dongle on which all your passwords and other vital information can be stored.

Of course, $1Million ID Theft insurance is quite helpful and is probably one of the main motives of using Identity Guard. Furthermore, anti-virus and anti-key logging software included as standard and users have the chance to save $100’s with Zone Alarm Security Suite.


It may not have all the I.D. theft features that everyone is looking for. It also seems to cost more than competitors’ services that have been reviewed.

Even though it is quite useful, it may not be a consumer’s first choice simply because they may not want to pay $14.99 per month. Similar services by other companies are provided for only about $5 to $10.


You should carefully examine this product’s advantages and disadvantages. Keep researching until you are convinced that Identity Guard is the right choice of identity theft protection for you.

You can also take advantage of a 15 day trial when available in your area. It might be worth it to you as it does represent all the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union).

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