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StopZilla Review

Stopzilla is a program designed to protect consumers from scammers and criminals. The idea behind this system is to allow customers to take on an active role regarding their own identity theft protection program.

For some people being able to play an active role in maintaining their own personal security is a relief. The main function of it is to scan and detect computer malware.


Stopzilla successfully scans, removes and blocks spy ware and ad ware. It also helps get rid of pop-up ads, phishing attacks, and hijackers. Likewise, it wipes out root kits, trojans, bots, drive-by downloads, rogue programs, and messenger service ads. It also does away with the following: key loggers, malicious bhos, and dialers.


Stopzilla’s functionality extends to over 65 countries. It and has been downloaded by more than 25 million users total. Stopzilla starts up and runs in the background so you can continue working while it works.

Stopzilla are completely refundable within 30 days of initial subscription date and 60 days of renewal date. This is at least the claim.

Some consumers who used this program were very happy with it. Not only does it great one pop ups, but it offers the best malware protection available.

It also provides consistent updates. The newer versions also offers great ant-phishing services and the interface of this program is very easy to read and easy to use.

There also is a support team provided with this software. A toll-free number can be called or support can be offered via e-mail or live chat.

It also is worth mentioning blocks, spy ware, and phishing attacks are provided in real time. In addition, four types of spy ware scanning as well as automatic updates and advanced popup protection is provided.


Stopzilla are obviously not free. Some people may be strongly familiar with the program but most are not. Furthermore, although it has worked for many people some suggest not buying this program. One concern is the possibility of having your credit card continually billing even after cancellation.

Another user tried to uninstall Stopzilla program and was plagued with an error message over and over again in internet explorer. However, the person is unable to remove it.

An additional user mentions that Stopzilla did in fact help clear up many problems. However, but that user’s computer monitor started flickering. Tech support mentioned that it was a virus and they could do nothing about it.

Another person said it was at least a great program until the week of July 5 (2004). When this person upgraded their version of Stopzilla, a bug wiped out a Windows ME Right Explorer Pane. Furthermore, the directory tree became invisible.


This program may work better if the current features are strengthened or improved. Many experts as well as users would agree on this as it can be frustrated to try to use something that has potential.

Yet, maybe it does not always do the job to users’ satisfaction. This is a huge concern for users who were hoping for more than this program would be capable.

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  1. After I purchased a license a year ago, my credit card was billed again last month, without any notice.
    No mail, no invoice, nothing.. they just take your money

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