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Chic Shaper Review: Posture Bra and Breast Lift-up Bra In One?

Some of us just don’t take the best advantage of the breasts and body we have, whatever the size and shape, and all too often you hear of women opting for painful and risky surgery in order to give them the breasts that they would like. It is not necessary any more, as computer design techniques have enabled us to take the concept of a push-up bra to a new level, making it more effective, more comfortable and safer to use, with many health benefits for all women.

The ChicShaper Posture and Breast lift All-in-One bra Accessory

Welcome to the Chic-Shaper. Not a bra in itself but an accessory designed to be used with any of your favourite bras, it will instantly transform you into a woman with a taller and more confident, shapelier outlook on life and you will be stunned by the responses you will get from men and other women alike. It improves posture, so whether you need larger breasts or a better stance this product will change your life.

Ontel Products Corporation brought you the amazing Dyer Max and Push-Up Pro, but with the ChicShaper they have added a product to their range that is truly awesome.

How does it work?

The ChicShaper is designed to work with any bra, giving the ergonomic support you can usually only achieve with masses of wire and plastic stiffeners which as we all know can be very uncomfortable and not very long-lasting.

Quite apart from improving the uplift effect, the ChicShaper has been found to dramatically reduce the incidence of  hyperkyphosis, a spine-curvature condition that affects many women over the age of 35, often without being properly diagnosed. The progressive weakening of the spine and spinal structure can be offset easily with the ChicShaper, even in women younger than the age group most at risk. The ChicShaper uses ergonomically designed shoulder and posterior supports to correct posture, somewhat of a holy grail among all women for centuries.

All parts of the ChicShaper are properly adjustable so it can be used by and will suit women of all body types and sizes, and the removable vertical straps mean that you can wear this amazing product with all your favorite clothes in any situation. The unique Y-support shoulder lift was designed to work effectively independently of the straps.

Best value product

If you have searched for a similar posture enhancing product before you will know that many of them are staggeringly expensive. Not so the ChicShaper as it gives great results and great value for money. At only $19.99 for two, this product is amazing value, and when you consider that you can convert every bra you own instantly into a scientifically designed supporting product, the savings achieved are immeasurable.

The Science involved was patented in 1997 by Theo Jose Cohen when he amazingly managed to combine breast lift and posture enhancement into one extremely versatile bra accessory. Ever since then, this invention has been benefitting many women everywhere. Now it is available direct to you and it is easy if you take advantage of our special ChicShaper offer.

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