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Short Prom Dresses or Long Evening Gowns: What Should You Choose?

It’s the most awaited event of your senior year in high school and you want to look drop dead gorgeous when you walk into the room. Are you finding it difficult to decide what to wear to prom? Torn between a sexy short prom dress and an elegant evening gown?

Not to worry! This article will be your salvation- it tells you all you need to know about the benefits of short prom dresses as compared to its longer counterpart.

Rule Number One: Short prom dresses are an equally good option

It’s true that in the past, long evening gowns were thought of as correct attire for proms and they definitely do give you a more sophisticated formal look. But short prom dresses are definitely the trendier option and more importantly, they enable you to dance comfortably to your heart’s content.

Why short prom dresses are so popular?

If you’re a dancing queen and want to heat up the dance floor with your moves, there can be no other option! Trust me, long evening gowns while being the epitome of sophistication can never be as comfortable as short dresses and are more likely to get damaged with all the dancing. Also, shorter dresses like cocktail dresses are very versatile and can be worn to a variety of events- not just formal functions. If you are a shoe-addict, a short prom dress can be the perfect excuse to splurge on a fantastic pair of heels as shorter dresses draw more attention to your shoes than longer ones do.


Long dresses aren’t the only choice anymore

Long evening gowns have always been frequented through the ages and while it is easier to find an evening dress that will flatter all types of figures, short prom dresses don’t require petite or hourglass figures only. So, don’t worry about that! They are available in a number of different styles and materials and all you need to do is select a style that does justice to your figure. Long evening gowns are beautiful and elegant, but they are so much more expensive. Of course, you may find a dress which makes you look like royalty or one of your favourite celebs on the Red Carpet. But you will probably only be able to wear this sort of one in a million dress only once, which is a pity.

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