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Acne Skin Care Tips

People of all ages-particularly those between the ages of 13 years old and 40 years old-struggle with acne issues. However, there are several ways that combat this product that actually do help.

Of course, the tips you will be present in this article are effective in varying degrees. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to mix and match more than one of these skin clearing methods:

• When you cleanse your skin use products that are right for your skin type. Usually it says on the bottle what type of skin for which it is most appropriate (i.e. normal, combination, dry, or oily).
• Use products that are not made with harsh chemicals. This will reduce the chance that the natural protective shield of your face will be stripped away. Using a mild cleanser is better than using a stronger one.
• Although you do not want to use too harsh of a cleanser, using too mild of one can be very ineffective against unclogging pores. The recommendation is to find a product that moisturizes as well as gently exfoliates (scrubs) your skin.
• When washing, you should use warm water while you cleanse your face. When rinsing, you should use cool water. This will open your pores to clean them out and then seal them back up again when you are done with the cleansing procedure.
• Make sure you wear sunscreen on a hot day. This will keep your skin from wrinkles, acne problems, age spots, or (worse yet) skin cancer.
• Beware that certain medications cause sensitivity to sunlight. This could lead to the development of acne. If you wonder about whether any medication you take will cause reactions of this nature, ask your doctor or dermatologist.
• Wash your hair every other day and keep it away from your face. This will prevent the oil present in your hair along with other dirt and debris from clogging your facial pores.
• Remember to be gentle when scrubbing your skin! You could cause redness, scars, or even the recurrence of acne if you do this.
• Contrary to popular belief, you are advised not to pop your pimples. It can be hard to resist the temptation. However, leaving them alone can assure faster healing.
• Make it a habit to not touch your face very often. The only time your hands should make contact with this area is when you are involved in cleansing or other care procedures.
• Remove your makeup before you go to bed. This will further prevent the clogging of pores which leads to the development of acne.

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