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An Epibright Review – Skin Brightening Cream

What do youngsters and celebrities have in common? Most of them have clear, glowing skin that the rest of us have not had since we were babies. It gives even older actresses a youthful appearance while the rest of us just grow old but that does not need to be the case any more. Epibright is an all natural skin lightener that can take years of your appearance and even protect it from further damage with a SPF 15 sunscreen. Epibright works better and last longer than similar produces and works equally well regardless of your natural skin pigmentation. The labs a so confident in its ability to lighten and even out your skin that they even give it a 60 day money back guarantee.

What are the causes of uneven skin coloration?

There is no one cause for uneven skin coloration but the root source is in the production of melenin. Melenin is made of two different parts that produce different tones of color in the skin. These tones can run from dark drown to yellow to red and can be caused by damage to the skin. When the body starts to over produce the melenin it is called melasma or sunspots. We have all seen them on older people when the condition is worse but many younger people will get it also due to damage to the skin. That damage can be caused by such things as rashes or burns or even old wounds.

One of the reasons they are also called sunspots is easy to understand. In these cases the skin damage was or is caused by over exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This has the added effect of making it harder to make new skin. Although these can appear at anytime during adulthood it is most commonly seen in the 40 and up crowd. With Epibright, you no longer have to just accept that discoloration.

How Epibright works

Epibright works because it contains two lightening agents, kojic acid and alpha-arbutin, to help impede melenin production. With that the skin will start to lighten and appear younger. Epibright does not stop there like other products. There proprietary blend of natural ingredients work with those to even out the skin further and to make the effects last longer. It employs such extracts as mulberry and bearberry to get the effect. These give Epibright a power to heal that other products lack.

I am no spring chicken anymore but that does not mean I don’t like to look good. I spend hours a week at the gym to have a great body but that just mad me notice my skin more. I was looking like a grandmother (which I am) with a great body. I wanted the whole package so I decided to try Epibright. I could not be more thrilled with the results. Now when we go out to dinner I lover wearing my low cut dresses knowing I look good.Angela, Houston Texas

I am not old but still ha problems with skin coloration from an illness years ago. I decided I was too young to look this old so I star using Epibright. Thank God I can now look my age for the first time in years!Allison, Reno Nevada

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