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How to Get that ‘Juicy Lips’ Look

Cushy LipsPeople everywhere are looking for new ways to improve their appearance. One way they have attempted to do this is to use a product called Juicy Lips.

This product is not that old, so many female (and maybe even some male) consumers are very skeptical about the claims related to it. The reason for that is because it seems hard to believe that a solution that makes the lips fuller can be applied just like a regular gloss.

The concerns of consumers are very valid, as many of these people have often wasted money on methods that are just a waste of money. Either that or they have been disappointed by the results of even some of the most expensive collagen injection procedures.


In case you are a concerned consumer questioning the claims made by the manufacturers and marketers of Juicy Lips, this explanation may help. For quite awhile now there is a substance used for making the lips fuller called hyaluronic acid.

In some circles of influences, hyaluronic acid is a legitimate alternative to usage of collagen. It has been used at times in some cosmetic injections designed to help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.
It also has been used to help eliminate folds and scars, and then finally for lip augmentation. However, this procedure can be quite costly.

Therefore, some marketers of products like Juicy Lips wanted to make the process of taking in this substance easier. Therefore, hyaluronic acid was added to a gloss like the one produced and sold by this brand name.

Expected Results

This product does for sure work. However, it needs to be applied regularly for it to absorb into the skin and make them expand. If used correctly as an ongoing treatment regimen the lip could expand up to 50 times larger.

Of course, the outcome is different for everyone. It depends on the original size of your lips now. Furthermore, your unique body chemistry may also make a difference, though there are not many differences in human beings in general.

Safety Issues

It may not be recommended for people with large lips already. Note also that the hyaluronic acid substance in this product is known for the growth of some malignant tumors. However, this is very rare and to date no one has actually had any problem yet with using Juicy Lips.

Order and Trial Info

You can try Juicy Lips risk free. The only price you pay is to have it packed and shipped to your house. This will give you an opportunity to try it without investing huge sums of money in it.

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