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Natox Review – Anti-Ageing Botox Alternative

Natox is a skin care product that is constantly being compared to Botox. Natox is capable of handling the same results as Botox but is much safer to use and its application is much less visible on the body. It practically offers the same results without all of the invasive injections that Botox comes with.

The product is currently being offered by Richibrown. The product is currently being sold for $140 for a bottle and comes with a sixty-day guarantee where a customer could get a full refund if that person is not satisfied after that time.

How Do People Use It?

Natox is made with a simple cream formula. A user will need to apply it to areas of the skin that it must work on. The skin will need to be clean and comfortable so it can absorb the cream.

The cream can be applied once in the morning and again in the evening. This is to create a consistent level of support. A user could even apply makeup onto the area after Natox is applied.

Natox will work by using a series of high energy particles to reach nerves around muscles. This will promote the relaxation of these muscles. It works in practically the same way as Botox but not with the invasive injection.

Natox uses sunflower seed oil, denatured alcohol and ascorbic acid among a few other organic ingredients. It will be safer to use than Botox and will have an easier time with moving into the skin. In fact, Natox is paraben free and has not been tested on animals.

How Effective Is It?

The effectiveness of Natox is an impressive feature to find. The cream will reduce the appearance of lines on the skin. These include wrinkle lines along many contours around the face.

The skin will be a little softer and more relaxed when it is used. It will have a firm design to it as well, thus keeping wrinkles from being visible.

The quality of the skin in general can also be improved. Natox will keep pore skin from being visible. It also keeps the skin’s complexion clear and hydrated.

This is all done with a very discreet procedure. The cream will move in quickly and will not create any redness, irritation or other issues that often come with Botox injections. The fact that any user could apply makeup over it only makes it even better for one’s facial treatment needs.


I couldn’t afford the $600 cost for Botox so I got Natox for $140 and it worked perfectly. Natox not only saved me money but it helped me improve my wrinkles without any visible signs of use.” – Susan S., Duluth

Natox was painless and easy for me to use. I didn’t have to worry about measuring anything or trying to find the right injection site. It was very easy for me to apply and it helped me get rid of the frown lines I’ve had for a while.” – Mary A., Tulsa

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