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Proactiv Solution Review – Acne Treatment

Many people suffer from acne. When cleaning pads, creams, and soaps just do not work, many acne sufferers turn to Proactiv. When you have an embarrassing problem like acne, it is important to be able to get help and to get help discretely. These reasons are why I went with ordering online and decided to give Guthy-Renker a try.

The first thing that drew me to the site was how reasonable their prices are. I know I have seen Proactive alone sell for about thirty or forty dollars, but they were offering to give the entire system, including the green tea moisturizer and Proactiv refining mask for only twenty dollars a month. More money in my pocket is always welcome! There were some shipping and handling charges involved, but the price was very reasonable and I did not mind.

The second reason I went for this company is that they offer a ninety-day money back guarantee. This alone was comforting, but the part about the company willing to give me a full refund even if the bottles I mail back are empty was also a very nice touch.

Ordering was very easy. The entire order form is all on one page. I also like that they have a “same as billing” option for shipping address so I did not have to write everything in twice. Once the initial order is placed, Guthy-Renker sends out the Proactive kit and will send refills ever three months until you tell them to stop. This is a nice time saver as I don’t have to remember to reorder things when they are getting low. The cost is also taken out automatically so I do not have to deal with manual billing every month.

Proactive itself is a very nice product. The cleaning mask felt great on my skin and left it feeling smooth. Proactiv itself is actually a gel which absorbed quickly into my skin leaving behind just a light baby powder type smell. When you first apply proactive, it may not look like things are getting better. In fact, sometimes the breakouts will worsen at first as your skin adjusts to the medicine. Just keep using the mask and gel daily and apply the moisturizer if things start to feel dry, and things will fix themselves.

Guthy-Renker is a great company and Proactiv is a great product. I am happy with them both!

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