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Zenmed Review – Acne Treatment

If you want to rise to the top of an industry you have to learn to think outside of the box. That is exactly what Raging Creations did when they came up with the Zenmed Derma Cleanse system. It became obvious to them that the old way of doing things was just not working. Not only did it strip the skin and leave it red and irritated but the little that it did work did not work for very long. Once the body realizes that it’s skin is being dried out it reacted. It does the one thing it can do and that is to try to produce oil even faster. This is not a long term solution. They needed a fresh approach,

First this is not one simple cure all product: it is three. It has a cleansing gel, a facial cleaning gel., and the Derma Cleanse gel caplets. All are needed products but the caplets are the surprising addition. They are a fresh approach to acme control.

To start it is important to understand acne better. It occurs when the pores clog with skin, dirt and pollutants. This does not allow the oils produced to reach the surface and become infected with bacteria. When the body over reacts, acne is produced. Because of that, it is the over production that they addressed first.

Fighting from the inside

It is the caplets that help handle this job. It can’t go unnoticed that acne affects teenagers the worse. This has to do with the fluctuations of hormones that happen most during that age. The caplets help control those fluctuations, particularly of androgens. This keeps the body from over-reacting.

Fighting on the outside

The two gels fight the acne war on another front. The cleanse the skin to help keep the pores open and, with the help of natural herbs and extracts, keep the skin properly moisturized. This helps both the look of the skin but also does not cause an over production of oils that harsher cleansers can do. It does this but is still mild enough to be used as a maintenance cleanser.

Because it is all natural it is very safe. So safe in fact that most of the system can be used by pregnant women. The caplets, however, should be avoided by them as the do affect hormones.

Curently Zenmed Derma Cleansing System can be ordered directly through the Zenmed website. The best deal is to get the full system as they do offer a discount that way. It contains the Acne Gel, the Cleansing Gel, and the Cleansing caplets. This is enough to get the acne under control while at the same time it should keep it from coming back. Usually the products work quickly so in one or two weeks you should see a marked difference. Also, you can order without worry. These products do come with a 60 day money back guarantee with no hassles. It is time to take control of your acne problem and Zenmed is the way to do it.

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