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Amanda Hamilton Weight Loss Programme Works with Custom Plans – Amanda Hamilton Diet Review

Amanda Hamilton’s weight loss programme has become one of the UK’s most popular weight loss programmes. The system was created by Hamilton to give people ideas of what they need to do in order to lose weight.

Hamilton is a registered nutritionist and a Royal Society of Medicine member. She has been working for more than ten years to help people out with their nutritional needs and has even prepared a number of weight loss retreats that have been profiled by the international media.

The system has been used by thousands of women around the UK. Today men are getting in on the programme just as well. The programme is available for everyone to manage.

Three Key Phases

There are three phases used in the system to help people out with losing weight. First, there is the Detox phase. This involves using three meals and two snacks each day alongside daily articles and videos to give users an idea of what they need to do. The detox cleanse process is known to give people results of about three to five fewer pounds in a week.

The Re-Shape phase is the second part. This involves working with personalised menu plans based on one’s body type. The goal is to increase the amount of fat that is burned off over time. The system even comes with a personal online review plan.

The Healthy-Me phase is the final part. This starts after a user reaches one’s weight loss goal. It involves working with updated menus to help a person maintain one’s weight alongside plenty of online seminars for members to take part in.

The results of the program can vary by patient. Either way, the plans are used to prevent bloating and to keep cravings at bay. It can even help anyone with burning off cellulite.

Personalisation is a Key

One of the most notable parts of the Amanda Hamilton system involves the way how personalisation works. Hamilton knows that the foods that a person needs in order to lose weight can vary based on a person’s size.

This is why every person who uses the Amanda Hamilton system will get their own individual meal plans based on how much weight they need to lose and what their weight goals are.

The professional support also works for all individual members. The people who work for Hamilton are fully trained to give nutritional advice and moral support to those who want to lose weight no matter what their circumstances are.


“It’s very easy for me to stick with the programme. All the menus are well made out and easy to handle. The food is great too!”Kathy, Birmingham

“I was able to lose 1 stone 8 like I wanted to with the Amanda Hamilton programme. My metabolic rate is much healthier than it has ever been.”Susan, Leeds

“I finally lost that weight I gained after having my baby thanks to the programme. I had an easier time with losing weight because there was no need for me to second-guess any menus.” Laurie, Manchester

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