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KouTea Review – Green Tea for Weight Loss

The health benefits of green tea have long been extolled by scientists and the people who use it everyday. Much of this comes from green tea’s ability to trigger weight loss. In fact, a person who uses the KouTea supplement can use the fat-burning properties of green tea to improve one’s chances of losing weight.koutea

KouTea uses a simple process for burning off fats to the point where a person could lose up to five pounds in a week while using this with a healthy lifestyle. It may be easier to lose weight with this than with a standard weight loss procedure alone.

It’s a simple product that utilizes a series of tea bags that contain a healthy blend of many tea extracts. These extracts are critical to anyone’s health.

What Makes Green Tea and Other Teas Useful?

The key ingredient in KouTea is the green tea extract. This is used in the supplement because it clears the body of the free radicals that constantly build up from nature and an unhealthy diet. There is a potential for anyone to have a healthier lifestyle when these issues are out of the way.

It also increases the body’s metabolic rate. It will be easier for the body to burn off its stored fats when this is used. The catcheins in green tea particularly improve the ways how the body can burn its fats at an increased rate. In fact, this can all be used without having to change one’s current diet or exercise program.

Green tea isn’t the only tea worth seeing in KouTea. This supplement also contains oolong tea extracts to provide the body with calcium, magnesium and a variety of different vitamins.

Pu-erh tea is also included in this product. It is used to improve blood circulation levels while also assisting the immune system as an anti-inflammatory agent.

There is even white tea included in this product. Kou Tea uses white tea extract to keep cholesterol levels down. This is thanks in part to the use of catechins in the tea to keep this problem under control.

A Total Approach to Weight Loss

The total efforts from using Kou Tea are impressive. Anyone who steeps this tea each day during a diet will not only enjoy a great-tasting product but also enjoy an improved ability to burn off fats. There’s a potential for the body to lose about five pounds per week while on this product.

It also suppresses the body’s appetite while energizing it for the day’s activities. It keeps the user from feeling worn out.


“I’ve grown tired of pills for diets and KouTea is a really great change. It’s easy for me to make and drink. It tastes real good and it’s helped me burn off fats too.” ~ Andrea L., Indianapolis

“I didn’t have to change my diet around just to use KouTea. I just have to prepare it each day and it makes it easier for me to keep my appetite under control. I feel so refreshed after using it too!” ~ Paul F., Columbus


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